St Helier Harbour - undated pictures from the 19th century

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Undated pictures from the 19th century

One of the best photographs of St Helier Harbour in the 19th century we have ever seen. This is the top of the Old Harbour, between Commercial Buildings and the New North Quay. The area occupied by the variety of ships in the foreground was filled in in 1884 to allow the Weighbridge Garden to be built with a statue of Queen Victoria in the centre, and further down in 1928 to provide parking spaces. It's difficult to put a date to this picture, but we think that it could be as early as 1853, because although the Albert Pier is complete in the background, it does not look as if it is yet in use. That was the year it was completed.
A 19th century painting by an unknown artist
A paddle steamer, probably Brittany I, enters St Helier Harbour ...
... and this superb photograph shows another one, at first thought to be the same, but with a very different bow design, and different positioning of the twin funnels, manouevring in the Harbour. She has now been probably identified as Aquila, dating the photograph to 1892-94
A paddle steamer berthed on the Victoria Pier
The English and French Harbours are either side of La Folie
Sailing vessels leaving the Old Harbour
A view from Fort Regent of Pier Road, the English Harbour and La Folie
Looking across the 'island site' towards the Albert Harbour in the 1870s
A panoramic view of the Old Harbour with Gladiateur , a vessel built in Jersey, moored in front of Commercial Buildings
English Harbour, 1860s. Note that the breakwater from Elizabeth Castle, in the background, has yet to be constructed
An early photograph of the La Folie area, from a 19th century stereo pair. It is not clear whether the vessel in the foreground is under construction or undergoing repair - probably the former because this was an area where a limited number of ships were built
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