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St Helier marriages

YU: Bride

This index of St Helier marriages was added to the site in March 2017 and contains records from 1584 to 1940.

The enormous amount of work involved in updating over 5,000 index pages, including this and other record listings, means that this page will no longer be maintained. Researchers are advised to use our improved Family Search facility, which allows you to search for ancestors' records in any of 20 island churches, as well as for variations in spelling of family names and baptismal names, always using the most up-to-date set of records, and generate your own lists like the one on this page, which can easily be copied to your own computer for future reference.

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  • 23 Jul 1904 Louise and Carlo Francesco Mariane Di Domizio (Born abt 1881)


  • 08 Mar 1894 Annie (Born abt 1873) and John Livingstone (Born abt 1867)


  • 04 AUG 1810 Jane (Gsy) and Peter Webber (Gsy)
  • 05 JUN 1839 Caroline (Hants) and William Cardy (Essex)


  • 20 Sep 1900 Marie and Leon Adolphe Goury (Born abt 1847)


  • 29 NOV 1620 Magdelaine and Jean Galles Gallez Gallais
  • 20 FEB 1628 Anne and Richard Tannequin (Soldier)
  • 07 SEP 1631 Sara (Gsy) and Jean Catel (Gsy)
  • -- NOV 1645 Rachel and Jeremie Valpy Valpied Valepi Valpy dit Janvrin
  • 29 MAR 1654 Anne and Estienne Machon (St S)
  • 30 MAR 1688 Laurance and Jean Briard Briart (Tr)


  • 07 MAY 1820 Mary (Southampton) and Thomas Edward Cozens (Southampton)


  • 19 APR 1837 Mary Ann and Francis William Squire (Dorset)


  • 27 Aug 1910 Phyllis Rosamund and Henry Roy Garst (Born abt 1881)


  • 22 Sep 1842 Martha and Francis Boots (Born abt 1816)


  • 13 May 1824 Josefa Ynes and Juan De Dios Olavarria (Spain)


  • 02 May 1891 Amy (Born abt 1871) and Alfred Charles Donaldson (Born abt 1863)


  • 30 Dec 1928 Emmie and Richard Henry Le Marchand (Born abt 1901)

UNKNOWN Marriages in this list for which the bride is identified by her father's name will be added to the appropriate index page in due course

  • 08 OCT 1596 Unknown (Widow Of Jean Briart) and Thomas Helgrove
  • 16 JUN 1597 Unknown and Richard Dumaresq (Son Of Clement)
  • 15 Nov 1598 Ester R and Jean Le Tublin
  • 23 Jan 1599 Perinne R and Thomas Blanckpied Blampied Blanpied Blancpied
  • 02 APR 1600 Simonne (Widow Of Jermayn Bisson) and Francois Le Dentu
  • 20 JAN 1601 Marie and Jean Renouf Renouf Dit Fleury
  • -- --- 1609 Unknown and Abraham Filleul
  • 28 NOV 1609 Jeanne (Daughter Of Jean And Collette Chevalier) and Clement Nicolle
  • 10 OCT 1610 Marthre (Daughter Of Servays Du B) and Thomas Gueret
  • 19 OCT 1610 Jeanne (Daughter Of Jean Renouf Du Hure) and Jean Connet (St C)
  • 30 OCT 1611 Sara (Daughter Of George Michel) and Estienne Le Geyt Le Geyt Dit Maret
  • 26 JAN 1613 Unknown and Benjamin Coinard Coinard Coignard (St L)
  • 10 DEC 1628 Jeanne (Daughter Of Michel Le Vavasseur) and Elie Grandin Grandy (St O)
  • 21 Sep 1631 Jeanne (Daughter Of Pierre De Ste Croix) and Pierre David (Fr)
  • 28 NOV 1632 Marie (Daughter Of Benjamin Le Sueur) and Jean Cabot (Tr)
  • 14 DEC 1636 Unknown and Clement Averty Averti (St C) Susanne Scelle)
  • 05 DEC 1647 Unknown and Benard
  • 18 OCT 1676 Unknown and Louis Renouf Renouf Dit Fleury
  • 08 OCT 1691 Marie (St J) and Elie Bisson
  • 03 FEB 1699 Rachel (Daughter Of Jean De Ste Croix) (St H) and Jean Hamon (Son Of Jean)
  • 25 JAN 1701 Unknown and Michel Amy Ami (Gr) Marguerite Venement (St C)
  • 07 JAN 1705 Unknown and Philippe Luce (St L)and Elizabeth Rondel (Both St L)
  • 22 MAY 1715 Unknown and Benest Le Touzel
  • 27 APR 1734 Elizabeth and Pierre Le Brocq
  • 07 SEP 1735 Anne (Daughter Of Philippe Noel) and Josue Norman
  • 21 NOV 1786 Chandler Ann and William Gaff
  • 29 SEP 1830 Magdelen (Holland) and Dennis Newman (Holland)
  • 16 Jun 1832 Ann (Taylor) and Thomas Black (Private Army)
  • 02 JUN 1833 Martha (Cornwall) and John Johns (Widower Of Devon)
  • 11 MAY 1835 Unknown and Louis Le Page (Coutances) Constance Adele Stephanie Thomasse (Coutances)
  • 27 OCT 1835 Mary Ann (St H) and John Long
  • 28 SEP 1837 Unknown and Ben Nicholls Boniface (Surrey)(Elizabeth Custing )(Guernsey)
  • 28 OCT 1838 Unknown and John Brinson (St P)(Nancy Le Couteur )(St P)
  • 18 SEP 1839 Unknown and Philippe Le Feuvre Dit Filliastre (St O)(Elise Le Feuvre Dit Fillatre )(St O)
  • 05 FEB 1841 Nancy and Edouard Renouf Renouf Dit Fleury
  • 30 Oct 1841 Unknown (Daughter Of Philippe Marett) and John Baker (St S)(Son Of William Baker)
  • 09 NOV 1841 Ann (St H)(Daughter Of Thomas) and John Perree (St H)(Son Of Pierre Cassidy)
  • 03 JAN 1842 Scottowe Anna (Edinburgh)(Daughter Of Richard) and Emile Charles Beslay (St H)
  • 10 MAR 1842 Ellen (Southampton)(Daughter Of John) and James Rice (Ireland)(Son Of George )(Soldier)
  • 20 Feb 1849 Catherine Quinlin (Born abt 1824) and John Mearns (Born abt 1820)
  • 19 Mar 1905 Angele Hyacinthe Parisot (Born abt 1861) and Auguste Edouard Le Cardonnel (Born abt 1856)
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