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St Helier marriages

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This index of St Helier marriages was added to the site in March 2017 and contains records from 1584 to 1940.

The enormous amount of work involved in updating over 5,000 index pages, including this and other record listings, means that this page will no longer be maintained. Researchers are advised to use our improved Family Search facility, which allows you to search for ancestors' records in any of 20 island churches, as well as for variations in spelling of family names and baptismal names, always using the most up-to-date set of records, and generate your own lists like the one on this page, which can easily be copied to your own computer for future reference.

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  • 03 NOV 1813 Nicholas Anthony (Cornwall) and Prudence Wendron Date (Cornwall)


  • 07 Dec 1859 Jacob (Born abt 1829) and Marie Ivonne Jouan (Born abt 1832)
  • 18 Dec 1862 Daniel (Born abt 1834) and Virginie Bouge (Born abt 1828)


  • 26 Aug 1877 Henry James (Born abt 1855) and Esther Mallett (Born abt 1858)
  • 25 Jul 1900 Henry James (Born abt 1856) and Josephine Claude
  • 30 Oct 1901 Henry James Richard (Born abt 1878) and Mabel Eliza Burnham (Born abt 1879)


  • 07 Feb 1871 Frederick Thomas (Born abt 1844) and Matilda Grace Shales (Born abt 1848)


  • 22 JAN 1803 Matthieu (St H) and Elizabeth Picot (St Mt)
  • 06 JUL 1807 Francois (St Mt) and Magdelaine Noel (St Mt)
  • 28 DEC 1815 George (Gr) and Marguerite Amy (Gr)


  • 07 JUN 1839 Bartholomew (St H) and Mary Ann Butt (St H)
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