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This is an updated version of the index which appeared earlier. It has been through a further proof-reading stage and any errors identified in the original transcription or created in the process of formatting the folder for Jerripedia have been corrected.

Please read Notes on content of church baptism, marriage and burial records for guidance on how to find what you are loooking for in this index, particularly the notes relating to variations in spelling of names.

These records are also in our searchable database, which assists researchers in searching all 12 parishes simultaneously and allows you to search quickly for variations in spelling of family names and baptismal names.

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  • 06 Dec 1809 Philippe (Son of Henry and Jeanne Mauger)
  • 30 Aug 1823 Jeanne (Daughter of Henry)
  • 16 Nov 1836 Henry (64 Years)


  • 23 Jul 1806 Jeanneton (Daughter of Henry) (Herupe)


  • 17 Nov 1719 Jeanne (Daughter of Louis and Jeanne Mauger)
  • 19 May 1791 John
  • 05 Mar 1794 Amice (Son of Jean and Douce Blampied)


  • 21 Jan 1838 Elizabeth (Wife of James Samson)


  • 20 Aug 1791 Nene (Daughter of Jean and Anne Romeril)


  • 29 Jan 1814 Nancy (Daughter of Jean aAnd Anne Luce)
  • 12 Apr 1814 Marie (Daughter of Jean and Anne Luce)
  • 21 Dec 1825 Thomas (Son of Simeon)
  • 24 May 1827 Simeon


  • 23 Sep 1834 Jean (28 Years)


  • 01 Jul 1780 Helier


  • 31 Oct 1802 Anne (Widow of Nicolas Renouf)
  • 25 Nov 1823 Rachel (Wife of Philippe Romeril)
  • 27 Jan 1841 Jeanne (Widow of Philippe L'Her) (84 Years)


  • 22 Nov 1745 Elizabeth
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