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St John marriages - F:Groom

This index of St John marriages, sorted by grooms' surnames, was added to the site in March 2017 and contains records from 1600 to 1940. It has been through extensive proof-reading and we hope that any errors in the original transcriptions or created in the process of formatting the folder for Jerripedia have been corrected.

We are also aware that some records, particularly in the years up to 1713, have yet to be transcribed, and as they are identified they will be added to this index.

Please read Notes on content of church baptism, marriage and burial records for guidance on how to find what you are loooking for in this index, particularly the notes relating to variations in spelling of names. Please check from the top to the bottom of this page because some families may appear under variations of the name.

If you do not find an ancestor on the page in the Jerripedia indexes where you would expect to, perhaps they were baptised/married/buried in a different parish. Rather than search through all parish records on this site, why not visit our associated database, from which this list is drawn, which allows researchers to search all 12 parishes simultaneously and allows you to search quickly for variations in spelling of family names and baptismal names?


  • 22 JUN 1729 Jean Jnr (St P) and Sarah Collas (St L)
  • 29 APR 1834 Thomas (Of St J) and Henriette Gibaut (Of St J)
  • 11 Apr 1872 Peter (Born abt 1840) and Eliza Pinel (Born abt 1852)


  • 11 Jul 1734 Philippe (St O) and Marie Dumaresq (St J) (Also Registered In St Ouen)
  • 15 APR 1749 Thomas (St C) and Sara Palot (Gr)
  • 24 MAR 1773 Philippe (Of St S) and Marie Morel (Of St S)


  • 19 FEB 1726 Elie (St P) and Elizabeth Barbier (St My)


  • 03 MAY 1733 Daniel (Of St H) and Magdeleine Boutton (Of St H)


  • 15 MAY 1788 David (Of St Mt) and Marie Nicolle (Of St Mt)
  • 16 SEP 1819 Charles George (St S) and Susanne Amy (St J)
  • 11 Apr 1929 Arthur (Born abt 1904) and Gladys Rose Salou (Born abt 1904)


  • 17 AUG 1726 Mathieu and Marie Denevaut (St H)


  • 17 Nov 1917 John (Born abt 1895) and Lizzie Ann Aubert (Born abt 1891)


  • 13 Sep 1654 Tobie


  • 06 Nov 1894 John (Born abt 1827) and Esther Norman (Born abt 1844)


  • 08 Apr 1869 Philippe (Born abt 1835) and Eliza Laura Le Breton (Born abt 1843)


  • 31 Jan 1932 Richard Thomas (Born abt 1873) and Rosalie Josephine Henlot (Born abt 1886)


  • 30 May 1872 Jean (Born abt 1803) and Marie Le Rougetel (Born abt 1842)


  • 06 FEB 1715 Charles and Ester Coutanche
  • 19 OCT 1740 Francois and Ester Lesbirel
  • 10 FEB 1745 Rene (St J) and Marguerite Martin (St H)
  • 15 DEC 1765 Jean (St J) and Susanne Laurents (St L)


  • 20 Apr 1865 Richard Henry (Born abt 1844) and Celia Collins Coleman (Born abt 1843)


  • 17 JUL 1763 Thomas (Of St J) and Rachel Manger (Of St J)


  • 03 Feb 1850 Henry (Born abt 1823) and Victoria Alexandrina Russell (Born abt 1828)


  • 10 Apr 1873 John William and Ann Elizabeth Le Gros (Born abt 1851)
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