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St Ouen family records


Part of the index in the St Ouen baptism register dating from the 17th century

This page provides links to lists of St Ouen family records.

We have now collected nearly half a million Jersey Church of England family records, including over 32,000 St Ouen church records from 1600 to 1940 (start and end dates vary by type of record).

Church records search

The indexes below for the Parish Church have not been updated since 2017. An extensive review of our records since then has resulted in many missing records being added and others being corrected. The gap between the up-to-date records in our database and the parish indexes has widened. We will not update the indexes again - it simply involves too much work - over 5,000 Jerripedia pages to edit every time a complete update is undertaken.

But don't despair, we have a new and improved search facility, which makes it much easier to locate ancestors you are searching for in Jersey church records. You don't have to know which parish they were born, married and buried in, or even exactly how their name was spelt.

Select the first letter of the family name you are searching for from the A-Z list below and a page will open in a new tab showing a list of names included in our baptism records. You can select a name to search for or change to marriage or burial records first.

Once the list of records is displayed you can narrow the search, using the accompanying form, by choosing a given name, parish or start and end dates. If you don't find the ancestor(s) you are looking for you can search for a variant of the family name, or just search for part of a name


Baptisms 1600 to 1915


Marriages 1605-1940 indexed by groom's surname

When this index was updated in March 2017 some St Mary records were inadvertently used instead of St Ouen records. We apologise for this error. The index was updated with the correct records in June 2017



Marriages 1605-1940 indexed by bride's surname



Burials 1604-1940



Registrar records of births, marriages and deaths

Births 1842-1918



Marriages 1861-1998

Images of the Register Office indexes

Deaths 1842-1961

Images of the Registry Office indexes

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