St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey

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St Pierre du Bois Crest


The parish of St Pierre du Bois, or St Peter’s-in-the-Wood, is situated on the south west part of the island; it is bounded on the north by St Saviours, on the south-west by Torteval, on the east by the Forest, contains three thousand five hundred and eighty three vergées, and a population of 1,142 inhabitants, and distant from St Peter Port 5 miles west. This parish contains part of the Fief de l'Abbé du Mont St Michel, and the fiefs Stuart, Couture, Corbinettes, Gaillard, and Lihou, part of the Fief le Comte and its dependencies de Beuval, de Quantraine, some parts of the fiefs Robert de Vere and Jannin Besnard running also into the adjoining parish of Torteval, lie dispersed in this parish, as well as those of Fordeau, Le Meyrre, Au Chronon and the frank fief, Fief Renneaulx mentioned in the last extente. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)



  • La Houguette Primary School

Old houses

  • Maison de Haut
  • Maison des Pauvres
  • Les Heches
  • La Houguette

Entertainment and leisure

Ancient Monuments



  • De Garis, Marie, St Pierre du Bois - the story of a Guernsey parish and its people, 1995
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