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Surname Template version 1.1

The first attempt at completing a Surname page should include all of the following headers, even if you are unable to complete them. Simply click the "edit" button above, and then copy the source of this page and paste it into the source of the Surname you are starting.

Origin of Surname

Include a short description of the origin of the surname, such as what it means and what language/ country it derives from. Also include the first reference in Guernsey and/or Jersey (if known).


Any common variants in spelling found either currently or in older documents. Any differences between spelling between islands.

Family Trees

Link to the oldest person in any family trees contributed to the Family Trees and Histories section.

Related Places

Includes links in here to any Channel Island places with which this family is associated, whether it is a house or road in which the family lived for a significant period of time (such as the Marquand family of La Brigade), or a road name of place that is named after the family (such as Rue Marquand). Also include links to any places named after this family elsewhere in the world.

Notable Islanders

List of names of any notable people from the Channel Islands with this surname, including their date of birth/ death and a short description of their "claim to fame".

See also

Links to any other relevant pages within Donki/Jerripedia (for examples houses where a family of this surname lived)

Further Reading

References to any books or articles where a significant portion of the content refers to someone of this name


Links to any other web sites of interest relevant to this surname.

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