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I have additional detail (128 lines) for Jean Blampied (1724 - ). Should I add it here or create a new page linked to his name on this page?

I think with 128 lines it would be better to create a new tree and link to and from the parent tree. If you want to add it here, I will then transfer it to a new page, and then create the necessary links between the trees, the Blampied page and family tree indexes.

Many thanks, Mike Bisson, editor

--- Thanks, Mike. Here it is. Please let me know if it needs to be reformatted, corrected, etc. It appears to work on the "edit" page, but line breaks get lost on the "discussion" page.

I appreciate the great work that you do as editor.


Thanks Nigel. I have added the tree. I have omitted female descendant lines to adhere to our policy of only including descendants of males. If you think any of the female lines are substantial enough (usually a minimum of 3-4 generations) to deserve a tree of their own, please let me know.


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