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These comments refer to the marriage of David Gaudin and Elizabeth de Gruchy in 1803, shown in the family tree:

I think this, as shown, is unlikely due to the 17 year disparity in their ages. Whilst this would be perfectly believable had the groom been the elder of the two, here he is the younger by that number of years. I know as fact that this Gaudin genealogy was extracted long prior to the publication of the genealogy of Elizabeth de Gruchy`s branch of her family. It had thus not been possible to previously realize the problem posed by her being 17 years David`s senior.

Elizabeth`s parentage and age has been vigorously checked this week and verified in all details. I think David, however, is David Gaudin, son of David and of Jeanne Aubin, his wife, who was baptised in 1771, (St Mt), making for a mere age disparity of 5 years, which was not uncommon, even if the groom was the younger party, as is here the case.

David Gaudin (1771- ) has not been found to have died either as an infant or as a minor. The David who married Elizabeth de Gruchy was "David Gaudin junr.", (so described on marriage in 1803). At this date, (but not previously), this is likely to indicate a father and son bearing the same name.

There were only two David Gaudins, sons of David, 1542 to 1800: One bp. 1771 (St Mt), as above. The other bp 1783 (St Mt), s of David and Susanne, née Gaudin.

This latter David appears at present as Elizabeth`s husband. His date of death is given as 1760, as this has for many decades been accepted as the date of death of the David who married Elizabeth de Gruchy. If the correct David should be found to be the one baptised in 1771, then this will, instead, be his date of death.

Perhaps, in order to save someone time, it should be mentioned that each potential father`s siblings have been identified and the godparents of the marriage`s four children examined. The latter were David (1805); George (1807); Philippe (1809) and Thomas (1810). All the godparents bear Christian names that could equally apply to either David: See, furthermore, "Discussion" on the "Descendants of Philip Gaudin" page.

Guy Dixon

David Gaudin (1783-1860) claimed husband of Elizabeth de Gruchy (1766- ) :-- (There is a typo on Elizabeth's date which has now been corrected. It should read 1786 for her birth. She was the daughter of Jean De Gruchy and Elizabeth Esthur and was baptised in St Mary. This would address the age difference that is the subject of this article. There is a marriage record for David Gaudin Jr and Elizabeth De Gruchy on 3rd Dec 1803 in the parish of St Martin. Elizabeth is stated as from the parish of St Mary.

Carol Richardson

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