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1. The "2nd wife of Philippe Vibert, Douce Le Ruez (1668-1711)" is shown as mother of Philippe Vibert (1708-1709). This pre-dates the children of the other marriage. For now I have amended this to Douce being the 1st wife but she may have married an entirely different Philippe Vibert and therefore may belong elsewhere, on another tree.

Guy Dixon This has now been amended

2. The below two generations and Pinel link have now been removed from the main tree. This Philippe will have died by 1757, without issue, as not merely was another Philippe then christened by the same parents--too late for the dual identities of the previous centuries--but Les Fontaines was inherited by Samuel Vibert and passed to his Le Feuvre descendants.

                • 8 Philipp Vibert (1737- ) m (1788) Susanne Vibert (1745- )

When the correct Philippe has been identified, as husband of Susanne Vibert, the above can be copied and pasted into their true location.

Guy Dixon

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