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From the website of the Town of L'Anse au Clair, Labrador (Newfoundland, Canada)

L'Anse au Clair's Jersey History

From the early 1500s, Europeans came to this region seasonally to fish and hunt whales and seals. In the early 19th century families began to settle permanently in the area.Jersey fishing merchants had establishments in Blanc Sablon and Forteau. Through these companies, fishermen came to settle here including the Dumaresq family at L'Anse au Cotard. The Dumaresq family are the "Grandparents" of L'Anse au Clair. Many of their descendants still live in the community.

Discovered by archaeologists in 1986, one of the early Jersey settlements was at L'Anse au Cotard, located between L'Anse au Clair and the Quebec border. This site was the focus of archaeological excavations in 2004. Three stone structures were identified at the site, which is still above ground. There is a man-made stone walkway that extends the length of the site, a kind of trademark of the Jersey presence in the area.

The website also includes a photo of James Dumaresq (b.1819, d. 1891), and information and photos about an archeological site near at an old Jersey settlement.

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