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To the Administrators

I have created a page for Walter M Gallichan (under Famous Islanders: Arts). I cannot figure out how to upload a photo of Walter M. Gallichan nor can I figure out how to create a list (of his books). I found templates but not one that really seemed to match the look and feel of biographies.

Hence, I have probably messed up the look at feel of this section of the wiki :-)

I have a photo of Walter M Gallichan and if you let me know how to upload, I can contribute it. thx

St Martin Marriages - 24 12 1812 David Grandin and Elizabeth (both St Mt) I believe this should be David GAUDIN?? Thanks.

The marriage is listed under Grandin in the CIFHS transcription of the register and the groom is clearly shown as Grandin in the de Quetteville entry. Only a check with the original register could clear this up. What information do you have to support Gaudin?

Mike Bisson

"Noe Le Bas (1703-1740) m Anne Le Maistre (1709-1788)" Family Tree


I have been doing some family research on my family history in Jersey. My Great Grandfather was Reginald Ernest Le Bas, born in 1884. He later moved to Southampton where my Father and Uncle were both born.

I have found him mentioned on your site under the "Descendants of Noe Le Bas (1703-1740) & Anne Le Maistre (1709-1788)".

With my siblings, I went to Jersey last year to continue our research in the archives. We could only go back to a Francois Le Bas born around 1802. However, there were three possible contenders for that name. I was wondering if possible to find out where the family tree on your site comes from to see If I can correlate it to my own tree.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Le Bas.

St Peter Baptisms/Burials

Hi, There is a baptism: ST PETER BAPTISM 16 Dec 1787 Josue son of Josue LE COUTEUR and Marie leRossignol

and a second Josue baptised 1790.

Checking the burials I found: ST PETER BURIAL 10 04 1787 Josue son of Josue LE COUTEUR

One of these dates appears to be wrong.....??


The baptism dates are as in the transcriptions. The burial record transcription actually says '10 April or May 1787' which does not help in relation to the date given for the birth of the first Josue. This is one of those little mysteries which could only be resolved (possibly) by referring to the original registers.


Hadn't heard of theislandwiki until I did a search to find the length of the tunnel under Fort Regent. Now I've found it, I'm interested and will be using it more when I have the time. However the reason for this post is that the figures in the "Tunnel page" are inconsistent. The first reference to length is 420 metres, which I believe to be certainly wrong. The other reference is 830 feet long which though a little more than I expected is probably right as other precise dimensions are stated in the same sentence. It would be 253 metres.

To the administrators, I hope this is the right way to ask a question, I am not most versed in wikis and there use. My father William Warren Hobbs was involved in printing of anti Nazi leaflets to insite a hoped for mutiny towards the end of the German occupation. Amongst his effects I have these original leaflets, + a nice summary published in the JEP (1980s), and a good selection of Jersey Democrat papers published cira 1945/46, + various local articles etc dating from the occupation. I have scanned them in as PDF files, I am curious if you see these as fitting historical records worthy of incorporation into your site, I can't imagine there are many of these records left. Given the date elapsed (greater than 70 years) on the occupation stuff, I do not see a copyright issue, perhaps only with the more modern JEP summary. If you would like to see a sample page etc, then please reply. On a separate note I am also going to try to add my family tree to this wiki in the hope of getting more info about my ancestry, I have noted another tree closely related to mine which I can already furnish with more info. Regards.


Perusing the tree relating to my family I thought I would provide an update to add to the tree.

[It pertains to this tree][1] 6.7.8 Albert Walter Nicolle (1929-2012) (Halifax, NS) m Marion Irving. You could add that Marion was born in 1926 and died in 2018, this past August. She was my grandmother and I can provide links to her obituary if you need to confirm anything.

Thank you for all your work.

Colin Nicolle

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