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JMurray - note re birth records for Jean, Jeanne and Elie Le Gresley bap 17 November 1757, St Ouen. These three people appear to be of the one family. Parents of Jean and Elie are Jean Le Gresley and Jeanne Gelien, mother of Jeanne is not given but father is Jean Le Gresley and she was baptised on the same day as Jean and Elie. Records of Jean and Elie note "mother born in Newfoundland", record for Jeanne notes "father born in Newfoundland." Per Seary, "Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland", John Grealy was resident at Hibb's Hole, Conception Bay Newfoundland, in 1783 (per Colonial Records 199.18) and Elias Graley was in possession of property in Portugal Cove, Conception Bay, 1794-5 (Census records). John and Elias could potentially be the Jean and Elie baptised in St. Ouen in 1757. Their parents might well have brought them back to Jersey for baptism due to a lack of clergy in Newfoundland in this period. Variants of the surname in Newfoundland include Greeley/Grealy/Greally/Grizzly, and in the form Greeley the surname continues to be represented in Newfoundland today.

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