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Generation 1 - Perrin BISSON md Regnaulde. I have that Perrin married an AHIER - source - Langton's Misc. Soc. Jers. Unfortunately I haven't transferred the entry which will be in my handwritten notes. Somewhere! Having said that I have not found any record for a Regnaulde AHIER. But there is a Renee AHIER md 11 Aug 1549, St S to Jean VALLEN (sp) in 1549, St S. Have not found issue and interestingly that marriage is not in Jerripedia. No burial found for either of them.

2 Regnaulde Bisson (1496?- ) m Barthélemy Ahier of St Saviour [67]. All I have is they married before 1539 and more likely before 1530 - so Regnaulde's age fits with the two children of have of this couple. He is my earliest Berthelemy so the only information I had was born before 1510, based on guestimate ages for sons.

8 Benjamin Bisson (1690-1718) (Tr) m (1713, St S) Elizabeth Ahier ( -1761) probably d or sister of Gédéon, Lecteur (St S) You mention the GPs of Marie as Gedeon AHIER et Marie, sa femme. But it is actually, Marie, his daughter - which points at Gedeon AHIER md to Marie AHIER. I had, but need to substantiate, that Gedeon md to Magdelene BUESNEL was the Lecteur. I could be wrong!

8 Josué Bisson (1689- ) [109] m Elizabeth Touzel, no apparent issue I also agree - cannot find any issue of this marriage. Can add that Elizabeth was buried 29 May 1762, St Clement fem Josue, de la Trinite. Cannot identify which Elizabeth this is at this stage - no clues! Happy to add this but wonder if we should source who is making changes!!! The trusted, or the less trusted!!

8 Edouard Bisson (1703- ) godparent 1727 and 1732 (Tr) m Rachel Hubert (1702-1785) dau Clement HUBERT et Susanne VAUDIN. Also: Bail a fin d'héritage between Jeanne Taylor widow of the late François Marett and tutrice of her children of the first party and Edouard Bisson son of Jean and Rachel Hubert of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of a certain small house and small piece of land called Le Jardin du Grandin for the sum of 2 quartiers 5 cabots of wheat rente. Registered: April 1739 Reference: L/C/119/A4/16 Date: October 14th 1738 I think that Rachel BISSON (1732-) md 1753 Tr to Charles HAMON first child Charles & Rachel - Rachel HAMON (1755) St J - GPs Edouard BISSON et Rachel HUBERT second child Charles (1759-) St J GPs - Charles BISSON et Susanne BISSON, sa femme (cannot link them at present)

I also have Marguerite fe Edouard BISSON & Rachel HUBERT bapt 02 April 1737 [GPs Clement HUBERT et Marguerite GALLICHAN]

Charles HAMON and Rachel BISSON also appear as GPs as follows: TRINITY BAPTISM (Jerripedia) 01 Apr 1770 - Charles fs Charles BENEST et Rachel BISSON [Charles HAMON et Rachel BISSON, sa femme]

TRINITY BAPTISM (Jerripedia/Register) 31 Jan 1773 - Charles fs Charles BENEST et Rachel BISSON [Charles HAMON e Rachel BISSON, sa femme]

5 Daughter Bisson m Abraham Le Maistre I have Abraham LE MAISTRE md to Elizabeth BISSON (no mge found c 1627 - his 2nd mge)- I believe Abraham is the son of Thomas LE MAISTRE & Sara BISSON. Of St Martin. GPs of children as follows: (note last child bapt 1657 which gives an approx birth year for Elizabeth) ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia/Source) 15 June 1634 - Abraham fs Abraham LE MAISTRE et Elizabeth BISSON [Jean BISSON)

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia/Source) 7 December 1636 - Francois fs Abraham LE MAISTRE et Elizabeth BISSON [Amice BISSON et Susanne LE MESTRE femme Jean ARTHUR]

Think above may actually be Francoise??

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia/Source) 31 March 1639 - Thomas fs Abraham LE MASITRE et Elizabeth BISSON [Jean BISSON, Grandpere et Jeanne sa fille]

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia) Nov 1644 - Elizabeth fe Abraham LE MAISTRE et Elizabeth BISSON [Amice BISSON et Susanne, sa femme]

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia) Jan 1647/48 - Jeanne fe Abraham LE MAISTRE

[Michel BISSON et Jeanne BISSON, sa femme]

ST MARTIN BAPTISM (Jerripedia) 3 Jun 1657 - Jean fs Abraham LE MAISTRE [Mr Jean BISSON de la Trinite et Elizabeth FALLE, sa femme]

Added: Jacques MALLET married the daughter of Leonard Romeril of La Fontaine, Trinity (RP 3/157 -1610). In 1572 the guardian of the children of Francois Amy (of Catillon de Bas) was ordered to convey to Philippe Bisson guardian of Jacques Mallet's children, their part of the inheritance of Drouet Amy and Guillemette, his wife, (whose daughter Catherine had married Henry Mallet) and was the mother of Jacques. [CIFHS Jnl#83]


Many thanks for the extra information.

I have added the "Elizabeth" Christian name to the "Daughter Bisson" who m Abraham Le Maistre and acknowledged the contribution, which is much appreciated, as are details of their children`s godparents.

I cannot yet place the Susanne, wife of Amice Bisson. She could be the wife of Amice junr., who might well have been born as early as 1620, so to be married in 1644 would be reasonable. That or a second wife of Amice senr. Am still looking--or will be this evening.

Yes, you are right. Marie Bisson (1719- ) had as godparents Gideon Ahier and Marie sa FILLE. I have now changed this accordingly.

The Rachel Bisson wife of Charles Benest, whose son, Charles Benest, was baptised in 1770, is likely to have been Rachel Bisson (1736- ), d of Jean and Elizabeth Bisson, his wife, and thus 1st cousin of Rachel Bisson, wife of Charles Hamon.

Early Bisson/Ahier connections: Of Barthélemy Ahier, who m. Regnaulde Bisson, fille Perrin, I have it from Messervy`s Ahier genealogy (copy) that he was "né vers 1500". I have estimated for Regnaulde Bisson, his wife, a dob as shown (1496) It is only an estimate, as was Messervy`s "vers 1500" for her husband. Both may have varied by at least five years. Of Perrin`s wife, I would be most keen to know her name and that suggested by Langton might be correct. However, Langton`s Miscellany was drawn up from (mainly) Messervy`s notebooks. These should have contained the Perrin Bisson/Regnaulde Ahier marriage, had he known of it, but his Ahier genealogy had no Regnaulde before Barthelemy Ahier`s wife. So we seem to be dependant on Langton, in his own right--which is less promising. By the way, Renée is short for Regnaulde (Renaulde). This can be a snag to the genealogist, like Nicolas and Collas, as they were often interchangeable--yet on other occasions, were not! Charles Langton has initialled this first page of Ahier genealogy, with a large capital "C" for copied, yet no Regnaulde/Renée....

Kind regards, for now

Guy P.S. I see, above, that Perrin Bisson`s Ahier(?) wife need not have been a Regnaulde. Messervy has Perotte [crossed out], Thomasse "lived in England" and Denyse as Ahier daughters in Perrin`s generation. I wonder if Langton had originally in mind that an early Ahier married Perrin Bisson[`s daughter]???

Hi Guy, Glad if I can help add one or two things. Found the marriage of Renee on Ancestry - indexed under Jones AHIER/John DALLON! They have it dated Dec 1549-1554. Unfortunately I have no skills when it comes to making out dates this early in the registers. I definitely see her name as Renee. Jerripedia has the entry with additional notes entered under VALLON. There is a burial for Jean VALLON 23 Dec 1547, St Saviour - which would only make sense if the mge date was wrong. Which doesn't help with identifying Perrin's wife's full name! Renee would be a reasonable age when looking at the dates!

I am a bit lost when it comes to having any more resources to research these earlier AHIERs unfortunately!

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