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The first issue of "The Guernsey Magazine" also styled “Clarke’s Monthly Illustrated Journal - A Guernsey Magazine Of Information, Instruction, & Entertainment” was printed and published By F. Clarke, States Arcade, Market Place, Guernsey in May, 1872.

The preface to the bound edition of Volume I expresses the following hopes:

The measure of success which has attended our humble efforts, and the proofs of appreciation given us by our readers, cause us to feel assured that our labours have not been without pleasing results, and enhance the confidence we feel in the issue of this, our first volume, to the Guernsey Public.
Our volume is dedicated to Guernseymen, for it has been devoted to their interests and has striven to give them Useful Information, Instruction, and Entertainment.
We have endeavoured to make our Journal valuable to Guernseymen, at home and abroad; to Guernseymen Political and Social ; to Guernseymen in Public and Private Life ; to Guernsey Capitalists, Merchants, Shipowners, Tradesmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Operatives ; to Guernsey Places of Business and to Guernsey Homes.
This we have endeavoured to do by treating of subjects of insular interest; by combining local matters with healthy reading of a general character ; by articles of wholesome amusement and recreation, tempered with information on subjects of utility; by reflecting the thoughts and opinions of our own people, and by transmitting the opinions of others concerning us and our island ; by treating of matters calculated to benefit or injure us, to rejoice or sadden us, to do us credit or shame us.
The contents of the present volume may be taken as a fair sample of the subjects which receive special attention at our hands.
Our matter is divided into two sections, one of Local and the other of General Interest.
In the first of these Sections will be found Original Articles, on Local topics of interest at the time of issue and written so as to be readable also at any future period ; Selected Articles,having abearing on island matter; Poetry,copied and original. Our Memorabilia is a chronicle of all matters worthy of remembrance, whether they refer to States or Parish, is a chronicle of all matters worthy of remembrance, whether they refer to States or Parish, Town or Country, Public or Private Incidents. Obituary and Biographical Sketches are a part of our programme, and we also keep our readers well posted up in Meteorological and Astronomical matters.
In the General Section it is sufficient to classify our subjects under the heads Poetry, Tales, Narratives, Anecdotes, Travels, Historical Sketches, Literary Extracts, Garden Hints, Wit and Humour.
We make no promises for the future. We think the wise course will be to let our labours speak for themselves. Whatever improvements are to us practicable or desirable, we shall make, if calculated to aid us in sustaining our title "The Guernsey Magazine."

The content gradually evolved, but from the start contains obituaries or death notices.

A number of volumes are available online.

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