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Portelet Bay with the Ile au Guerdain, also known as Janvrin's Tomb, in the centre

Parish records in the mid 1500s of St Brelade, and St John mention the family, and later in the 1600s St Peter, St Martin and St Lawrence; and in St Helier in the mid 1800s. There are still several members of the family resident in Jersey and listed in the telephone book.

Merchant adventurer

According to Balleine's History "Peter Janvrin of Jersey married the daughter and heiress of Edward Marcant (Marquand) a Jerseyman who was twice sheriff of Southampton in the reign of Henry VIII". He is shown as a prominent merchant-adventurer, ship owner, shipwright and mariner with Channel Island connections ".

The family were particularly involved in the direct trade with New England during the 1670s, importing tobacco into Jersey, and some members of the family settled in New England They persisted in the trading business, and were the leading Jersey merchant ship owners in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, basing their success chiefly on the cod trade.

They had links with the Robin Company in the Gaspe area and by 1800 they had divided up the southern and eastern shores of the Gaspe peninsula between them, concentrating their intrests round Gaspe Bay. After 1840 the Janvrins withdrew from trade and shipping to concentrate on banking.

Association Roll

A number of Janvrin men signed the St Brelade sheet of the 1696 Oath of Association Roll. Among them two Daniels, three Pierres, Adrian, Edouard and an Andre. Jean Janvrin was a witness to the will of Jean Dean in 1732, possibly the brother of his wife (below).

Philippe Valpy dit Janvrin (the old form of the name) married Elizabeth Orange in 1710 but died of a fever on returning from France in quarantine for the plague in 1721. He was buried on the Ile au Guerdain in Portlet Bay. A memorial stone was said to be located in St.Brelade's churchyard. His daughter Elizabeth (b 1718) married Jean Dean in 1744. Philippe's father was Jacques Valpy dit Janvrin, the owner of Belle Vue House, Mont au Roux, St Brelade, which was built some time in the 17th century.

USA ancestors

John Janvrin a brother of the above Philippe went to America where he married Elizabeth Chevalier (Knight) in 1706 at Dover, New Hampshire, and they were ancestors to many of the Janvrins in America.

In addition to the above marriages, there were three marriages of Balleine men to "Valpy dit Janvrin" girls in St Peter in the 18th century.

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