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The Priory, St Mary


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Property name

The Priory

Other names

  • The Priory Inn
  • La Falaise


Grande Rue, St Mary (Devil's Hole)

Type of property

16th century house (or earlier) now a public house


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • Arthur N Arthur shown on Godfray map
  • Richardson J Richardson also shown on Godfray map


None identified, despite the property's considerable age

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A group of buildings of significantly early origins which display Jersey’s vernacular tradition in the use of local materials and details.

This five-bay farmhouse, with its 18th century facade, retains its historic proportions and character.

Several significant historic features remain internally - the tourelle and the east fireplace.

The single storey building, and adjacent wall, to the south east, retains several important historic features and is one of the oldest facades in Jersey.

The whole cluster of buildings, shown on the Richmond Map, contribute to the rural setting.

A house of 18th century appearance with significantly earlier origins and fabric as indicated by the tourelle staircase.

Published research by J McCormack suggests the The Priory Inn building may date from 1350, refronted in 1726 as shown by the 1726 kneeler; the facade of the building opposite (formerly The Priory Shop) considered to date from 1300, 1400 and the 19th century.

Now a public house - with late 20th century extension to west. To north is single storey building connected to main house with 20th century link.

Old Jersey Houses

The entry in Vol One, dismisses (although not entirely) the idea that there was a priory on this site, saying that it is possible but no priory has ever been documented here.

he main house, which is now a hotel, has a standard 18th century facade, but the tourelle staircase indicates that there was an earlier house. Slightly to the south-east is a curious building, with two wings at right angles to each other. The wing facing north has two blocked windows, three of which are very small chamfered ones of early date. The main doorway, now also blocked, is unchamfered, and composed of small stones, arched at the top, but not the usual local pattern of arch.

At right angles is a single storey building with a typical early round arch, one chamfer stop being quite clearly a fleur-de-lys. Above the left shoulder stone is the beginning of a second row of voussoirs, but chiselled out of the main stone, and not separate pieces.

This is a property which has been changed at many different dates, but which in origin must be sixteenth century or earlier.

Notes and references

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