The church in Jersey

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The church in Jersey

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For centuries the Church in Jersey was the dominant influence on the life of the community, more important in many ways than the Royal Court and more powerful than the Seigneurs of the Fiefs, who were most reluctant to fall out with the Church, which had the ultimate sanction of excommunication, the terror of every God-fearing Christian. Islanders respected as well as feared the clergy, who were often the best educated memers of their community.

Parish churches

The foundation of the Church in Jersey was the 12 parish churches, all thought to have been built around the 11th and 12th centuries.

For many centuries these churches were the hub of parish life and had great influence in the island.

Even after Jersey split from Normandy the Church continued to be responsible to the Bishop of Coutances for many years.

The Rectors represented their parishes in the States alongside the Contables until 1948

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Feature article

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Although few would claim that it has any architectural merit from the outside, step inside St Matthew's Church at Millbrook and enter a different world - a world of glass. This is Jersey's famous Glass Church, decorated with a collection of the most beautiful works specially commissioned from French artist Réné Lalique. The interior of the church was transformed thanks to Lalique and Jersey architect A B Grayson, commissioned in 1932 by Florence Boot, Lady Trent, as a dedication to her late husband.

Prominent clergymen

Many clergymen have made major contributions to Jerseylife, and some have been highly controversial. Here are the biographies of some of the most renowned clergymen who were either born in the island or spent the major part of their careers in Jersey.

Dean Francois Jeune
George Orange Balleine

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