The proclamation of Charles II

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On 30 January 1649 King Charles I was executed. When news reached Jersey a fortnight later, the Bailiff George de Carteret and Jurats ordered that the new King, Charles II, be proclaimed in the Market Place. The original document, which is translated below, is in the hands of the Société Jersiaise.

Whereas the rebels have by a horrible outrage laid violent hands on the person of King Charles the First of glorious memory, by whose death the Sovereign Crowns of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, France and Ireland belong to an wholly and legally devolve upon His Highness the very high and puissant Prince Charles.
We the Lieutenent-Governor and Bailiff and Jurats of this Island of Jersey, assisted by the King's Officers and by the principal inhabitants of the said Island, with one heart and voice publish and proclaim that His Highness, the Very high and puissant Prince Charles, has now by the death of our late Sovereign of glorious memory, lawfully become by right of legitimate succession and direct descent, our only and Sovereign Lord, Charles the Second, by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc, to whom we acknowledge our duty of implicit obedience and fidelity, honour and service. And we pray God by whom Kings reign, to stablish and confirm King Charles the Second in all his just rights, and on his Throne, and to grant him a long and happy reign over us.
Dated the 17th day of February 1649
Long live King Charles the Second
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