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Thomas Jermyn - Governor of Jersey 1684-1689

Thomas Jermyn was the third member of his family to hold the office of Governor in the 17th century. He was almost certainly the nephew of Henry Jermyn, who held the office before and after the Commonwealth period.

He was sworn in on 5 August 1684 to succeed Sir John Lanier and was in the island to attend the Royal Court sittings on 4 November and 16 December that year. He is described by the Rev J A Messervy as Baron of St Edmundsbury, a title he inherited from his uncle, the Earldom of St Albans having died out when Henry died childless.

In 1685 he appointed as Lieut-Governor Major Henry Boade, who had already served in the position under Lanier. Boade was sworn in on 20 April and replaced on 10 October by Captain Rowland Watson.

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