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Thomas Torode was baptised at Castel Church on 31/01/1793. He was to marry twice during his life. His first marriage took place at Castel Church on 04/10/1827 to Elizabeth (Betsey) Nicolle, the daughter of Jean Nicolle and Marie Collenette. She was born 03/07/1809 at Castel. She died delivering her second child Jean Torode in 1830. Their first son was Thomas Torode born 1828 at Castel. He was married in 1852 at Castel Church to Elizabeth (Betsey) Nicolle who was born in 1832 at Castel.

Following his wife's death Thomas remarried Julie Kirk, the daughter of Judith McKaine on 06/10/1832 at Castel Church. They had eight children - three of whom were to emigrate out to Australia:

  1. Pierre Torode (emigrated) baptised at Castel Church on 28/01/1834. He was married on 25/01/1854 at Castel Church to Henriette Mauger, the daughter of Pierre Mauger born in 1829.
  2. Mary Ann Torode baptised at Castel Church on 18/02/1835.
  3. Nicolas Torode (family emigrated) baptised at Castel Church on 28/10/1837. He married at Town Church on 25/10/1863 to Maria Le Ray, the daughter of Nicolas Le Ray and Maria Day. She was born on 18/09/1841 and baptised at Castel Church on 03/10/1841.
  4. Elizabeth (Betsey) Torode baptised at Castel Church on 28/09/1839.
  5. Marguerite Torode baptised on 15/10/1840 at Castel Church.
  6. John Thomas Torode baptised on 18/06/1843 at Castel Church. He was married at Vale Church to Martha ????? who was born in 1849.
  7. Daniel Torode baptised on 27/10/1846 at Castel Church.
  8. James Peter Torode (emigrated) baptised 26/11/1848 at Castel Church. He died on 27/05/1921 in Australia. He married Jean Muir Milne in 1875 in Australia. She died on 23/02/1922 at Richmond, Australia.

The son of Nicolas Torode and Maria Le Ray was William James Torode (emigrated) born 09/01/1864 at St Peter Port. He died on 23/01/1920 at Sydney, Australia. He married Sophia Gavet, the daughter of Nicolas Gavet and Marie Torode. She was born on 07/10/1858 at Castel and died on 30/07/1928 at Sydney, Australia.

The great grandson of William James Torode and Sophia Gavet is John Douglas Torode who is the presenter of MasterChef on television and owns Smiths Restaurant of Smithfield in London.

Abraham Torode was baptised at St Saviours Church on 16/06/1776. Died 1841. He was married on 28/10/1812 at St Saviours Church to Marie Carre, the daughter of Thomas Carre. She was born in 1791 and died on 16/12/1878. they lived at Les Padins, in St Saviours. They had eight children. Their youngest son was George Torode who was born on 12/02/1828 and was baptised on 24/02/1828 at St Saviours Church. His godparents were Nicolas De Garis, Marie Carre, and Daniel Torode. Hr died in Australia on 18/04/1902. He was married on 21/10/1852 at St Saviour Church to Betsey Queripel, the daughter of Jean Queripel and Rebecca Heaume. She was baptised on 21/11/1828 at St Martins Church and died at Northcote, Victoria on 24/04/1895. This had two sons before emigrating out to Australia in 1858 under the assisted emigration scheme. They sailed aboard the ss Dirigo and arrived in Williamstown, Melbourne on 20/03/1859. They lived in Hotham Street in Collingwood where George began work as a carter. Their two sons were George Torode born on 30/07/1853 at St Sampsons. John Thomas Torode born on 03/07/1856 at St Sampsons. They had another five children after their arrival in Australia. Tragedy struck the family on 02/10/1868 when their eldest son George Torode was working as a carter in Victoria. He became trapped between the cart and a gatepost and was badly crushed. He died two days later aged just 15 years. Descendents of this family still live in Victoria.

Henry Kaines Torode was born in 1826 at St Peter Port, the son of James Torode and Mary Kaines. In 1854 he met and married Sarah Sperring just prior to emigrating out to the new settlement of Adelaide in South Australia. He was a cabinet maker by trade and they had a hard time as they began to raise their young family. They had four children - Henry William Torode was born on 27th of March 1856. He was married on 8th of October 1879 at St Paul's Church in Adelaide to Theresa Green, the daughter of Thomas Green. They had two children. Walter Charles Torode was born on 17th of September 1858. He was married on 12th of May 1881 to Sophia Minnie Gellentien, the daughter of Charles Monty Gellentien. They had six children. George Frederick Torode was born on 10th of June 1862. He was married on 11th of January 1887 to Emily Vincent, the daughter John F. Vincent. They had four children. Emily Edith Torode was born on 14th of December 1864. She was married on 2nd of April 1896 to Charles John Shaw Harding, the son of James Shaw Harding. They had three children. It was Walter Charles Torode who became famous. He started life as a carpenter, but soon siezed opportunities within the new city when the New Hills Railway wanted to convert the settlements of Aldgate and Stirling into fashionable resorts for adelaides leading families. Leasing several quarries he built many of the original large building within these districts. By 1900 he began building larger civic buildings. The Allen Campbell Building at Adeliades Children's Hospital, the Elder Conservatorium, the Adelaide Stock Exchange, the Lady Chapel and the western spires of St Peter's Cathedral, plus several suburban churches. There were extensions to Unley Town Hall, the Ruthven Mansions, and additions to Pulteney Street School. He was the first Australian builder to grasp the process of reinforced concrete which he first used in 1907. he built the bridge and station at Anlaby near Kapunda. He died in Sydney in 1937.

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