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Jean Torode born 1801 @ les Rouvets, St Saviour. Baptised 30/09/1801 @ St Saviour Church. Died 16/07/1853 @ les Rouvets, St Saviour. Married 18/05/1828 @ St Saviour Church. Rachel Le Messurier the daughter of Daniel Le Messurier and Marguerite Robilliard born 1804. Buried 14/02/1850 @ St Saviour Church. Children a) John Thomas Torode born 1830 @ La Grande Rue, St Saviour and baptised 04/07/1830 @ St Saviour Church. Died 1891 @ Beaucamp de Bas, Castel. Married 1860 Marguerite Le Page born 1837 buried 22/08/1918.

b) Rachel Torode born 1833 @ La Grande Rue St Saviour and baptised 23/05/1833 @ St Saviour Church. Buried 25/07/1901 @ St Saviour Church. married Henry Robin.

c) Frederick Torode born 1836 @ La Grande Rue, St Saviour and baptised 09/11/1836 @ St Saviour Church. Buried 25/08/1896 @ Braye, Vale. Mariied @ Vale Church Marguerite Trachy the daughter of Abraham Trachy and Rachel Falla. Born 1838 @ Vale.

d) Abraham Torode born 1840 @ La Grande Rue, St Saviour.

Children of Frederick Torode and Marguerite Trachy

a) Marguerite Mary Torode born 1862 and baptised 20/12/1862 @ Castel Church.

b) Frederick Torode born 1864 and baptised 31/07/1864 @ Castel Church. Buried 13/11/1870 @ St Sampson Church.

c) Alice Ann Torode born 1866 @ Eliza Cottage, St Sampson and baptised 23/09/1866 @ St Sampson Church. Buried 08/05/1868 @ St Sampson Church.

d) Emilie Torode born 1869 @ Eliza Cottage, St Sampson and baptised 06/06/1869 @ St Sampson Church. Buried 12/02/1872 @ St Sampson Church.

e) Alfred Torode born 1872 @ Eliza Cottage, St Sampson and baptised 19/02/1872 @ Castel Church. Died 23/06/1952 @ St Catherines, Ontario, Canada. Married 07/05/1894 @ St Matthews Church Mary Alice (Mimi) Dorey the daughter of Daniel Dorey and Mary De La Rue. Baptised 06/05/1875 @ Castel Church. Died 28/11/1943 @ St Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

f) Alice Torode born 1874 @ Eliza Cottage, St Sampson and baptised 13/09/1874 @ St Sampson Church.

Alfred Torode and Mary Alice Dorey had eight children at Hogue de Pommier in Castel.

Reginald Torode born 29/09/1894. Died 1954 @ Sussex, England. Married 14/04/1915. Edith Falla born 1896 died 03/06/1945.

Herbert Francis Torode born 28/02/1897. Died 29/12/1960 @ Toronto. Married. Florence Maidment.

Clifford John Torode born 25/02/1899. Died 26/04/1987 @ Huntington Beach, California. Married. Amelia Beatrice Osborne born 22/06/1894 @ London. Died 04/11/1982 @ Huntington Beach, California.

Flora Minnie Torode born 16/06/1900. Died 11/03/1961 @ Toronto. Married 28/07/1920. Frederick Walter Wood born 24/03/1899 @ Erith, Kent. Died 23/06/1970 @ Pearson AP.

Walter Thomas Torode born 28/02/1902. Died 16/02/1961 @ St Catherines. Married 17/09/1938 @ St Catherines. Maida Helen Dawson born 26/04/1916.

Thomas Daniel Torode born 18/10/1903. Died 10/04/1987 @ Highland, Michigan. Married 09/11/1927 @ Detroit. Mary Susan Krause born 07/04/1911 died 29/08/1980.

Una Mary Torode born 06/07/1905. Died 28/01/2002 @ Niagara Falls. Married 20/11/1929. Leslie Storr born 27/09/1905 @ York, England. Died 1974 @ Niagara Falls.

Sylvia Doris Torode born 06/07/1908. Died 05/09/1991 @ St Catherines. Married 1930. Paul Thibodeau born 11/09/1910 died 28/05/1983 @ St Catherines.

Alfred Torode emigrated to Canada in 1911 along with his son Herbert Francis Torode. They arrived in Hamilton, Ontario before moving on to St Catherines. He found employment at THe Columbus Chain in St Catherines. His son Clifford John Torode joined them in 1913. Mary Alice Dorey and the rest of their family (with the exception of Reginald Torode)left Southampton on 04/06/1914 aboard the SS Andania and arrived in Quebec City on 13/06/1914. They started their new life with just £50. The reunited family lived in Martindake, St Catherines. They lost a barn and livestock to a fire, and then purchased a property at 68 Dufferin Street where Alfred built a huge greenhouse. They began a floristry business called Dufferin Garden Florist. The first flowers were sold from the greenhouse before renting a store on St Paul Street and also in the local market. The business profited and provided the family with a stable income. The next generation of children married and spread far and wide across Canada and the USA. One of their descendents is John Torode who wa born in Texas, USA who established Torode Realty - a property management and marketing business that has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto.

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