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Torteval Crest


The parish of Torteval is situated at the south-western extremity of the island, and is bounded by those of St Peter-in-the-Wood on the north, on the west by the Forest, and on the south by the sea; and contains one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-four (1,854) vergées, and a population of 365 inhabitants in 1871. Part of the Fief St Michael and those of Gaillard and Lihou, lying within this parish, are in the Queen’s hands; that of Coltons and two small manors, called Robert de Ver and Jennin Besnard, are also within its boundaries; there are also some smaller fiefs in this parish. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)

The name Torteval is derived from the French for "twisting tortuous valleys interspersed between hills"[1].


Ancient monuments

  • Table des Pions, Pleinmont
  • Creux Mahie




Notes and references

  1. De Garis, Marie, Guernsey Place Names, Trans Soc Guern 1976
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