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A previously unidentified Mrs Vaudin, photographed by Henry Mullins in the 19th century, has been recognised by a Jerripedia user in Australia as the same person she saw in a family photograph album in Scotland recently.

She was Eliza Gordon Macalister who was born in Glenbarr, Kintyre, Scotland, in 1836. The photograph below of her wearing the same dress, is in an album kept by her brother's family at Glenbarr. She went to Jersey in the 1850s to join her mother and stepfather, who were living there, met and married Charles Vaudin, a physician. The photograph was probably taken at about the time they married in 1860. Charles and Eliza are in one of our Vaudin family trees



Eliza in later life

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Arms of Charles Vaudin
Arms of John Vaudin

Origin of Surname

Surprisingly this old Jersey surname is not mentioned in the Rev George Balleine's work on the derivation of names.

It is a French medieval surname and appears in the Jersey Assize Roll of 1309. It is suggested that Vaudin and Gaudin are different spellings of the same name in France and that they are derived from an early French personal name Gaudin, which itself originated with the Germanic Waldin, a diminuative of Waldo. Alternatively it might come from the Germanic Godino, which translates as "son of God".

Another suggestion is that it is derived from the former region of Gaudon now the departements of Vosges and Franch-Comte.

Early records

Vaudins appear in Jersey's baptism records from 1560 onwards.

Jenette Vaudin married Collas Le Mesurier at St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey in 1578

Payne's Armorial of Jersey

It appears that the family of Vaudin, identical in origin with the Norman family of De Vauldyn d'lmecouii, des Loges, des Malmaisons, and De Perrette de Verdaveyne, was settled at St Helier so early as 1292; for by an Exchequer Roll of that date is learned that Ranulph Yaudin of this parish served on a jury under Robert Lysset and the Prior of Wenlock, Justices of our Lord the King.

The name has been variously written Yauldyn, De Yauldin, and Yaudin; and it is by some said to have been anglicized De Walden.

Geoffroy Yaudin was one of the jury sworn to ascertain the king's revenues in the parish of Trinity, as appears by the Extente of 1331. Sire Michael Yaudin, a Roman Catholic priest, fell in leading his countrymen to repel an invasion of the French, who had landed in Bouley Bay in 1549.

A branch of the family has been settled for several centuries in Guernsey.


  • Vaudin, 1299
  • de Vauldyn c1550
  • Vaudyn
  • Waudyn 1309
  • Vaudinet
  • Vauden
  • Vaudon
  • Vaden
  • Vautin
  • Vauldin
  • Vauldyn
  • Gaudin

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Family album

What a fabulous picture of a Vaudin wedding: Doris, daughter of Charles Edward and Emma Jane, nee South, married Will in the 1920s

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