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Venus also operated occasional services to Sark and is shown here off the island

Venus was completed in July 1854, but was not registered until April 1855 when her owners were Gravesend New Steam Packet Co.

She was re-registered to William Stephen Andrews, of London, in 1856, and a year later she was sold to the Jersey Steam Packet Company, registered to George Mann.

In March 1859 she was advertised as carrying mail to Granville and St Malo, with Captain John Fleming as master, along with the company's second vessel Rose.

On 5 April 1860 her registration was transferred to R Rose, C Orange and J Carrel, all trustees of the Steam Packet Company. She left the Island the following month for overhaul and the fitting of a new boiler in Southampton. She returned on 1 June and was in regular service on the Granville and St Malo routes for 18 months, until she was withdrawn on 4 December 1861.

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