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This page lists all new pages added to the site since 1 January 2017, and from time to time also contains important messages about changes to site pages.

Links to content added to the site in earlier years can be found on our 'What was new?' page, which retains the complete sequence of additions to the site back to July 2010.

You should also visit our 'What’s coming?' page from time to time to discover the additions which are planned for the site over the coming weeks and month.

  • What was new – a link to a list of articles added to the site from August 2010 to the end of 2016
  • What’s coming? – a foretaste of new articles and family records coming soon

1 January 2017

3 January

4 January

5 January

6 January

  • Comete, paddle steamer operating between Jersey and France in the 1850s and '60s

7 January

9 January

  • Descendants of Clement Le Feuvre - 2
  • Were your ancestors in business in St Helier in the 19th century? What sorts of businesses were they involved in? They probably advertised in one of the newspapers and almanacs published at the time. We have copied hundreds of these advertisements over the past few weeks and added them to the appropriate family pages, and also to the pages containing histories of the streets in which the businesses were situated. We have expanded many of the histories of shop premises in King Street, as well as adding new articles with histories of Queen Street and Broad Street, with information on who lived in the streets and had businesses there. These articles all contain links to many family trees, helping you to discover whether the people mentioned were your ancestors

12 January

  • Descendants of Noe Le Sueur - 3
  • We have today completed our periodic review of suggestions added to records in our database and updated records accordingly. Thank you to all who have left suggestions concerning corrections or additional information. Regrettably we cannot contact each of you individually but your contributions to the accuracy of our records are much appreciated. Some of our Jerripedia A-Z indexes of baptisms, marriages and burials are out of synch with the database, but a major update is planned for the indexes later in the year. Please always check information in the indexes against the database, because its records are always the first to be amended

13 January

15 January

  • Picture of the week, how a small 100-year-old hotel has changed over the years
  • Aviation pictures - A new airport, our gallery of pictures of Jersey's new airport in the 1930s, from the planning stages in 1933 to full operational status in 1937. The gallery has been reorganised and some extra images added

16 January

23 January

30 January

5 February

12 February

19 February

26 February

5 March

New family records

12 March

  • Picture of the week, Wolf Cave, a former tourist attraction which can no longer be approached from the land side

18 March

  • The process of renewing all Family records indexes and adding 110,000 new records is now complete

19 March

26 March

27 March

31 March

  • Miscellaneous gravestone images Several hundred images of gravestone inscriptions in Jersey have been added to the page of miscellaneous images and we are in the process of adding more to individual family pages

10 April

  • Picture of the week, an ancient jetty in St Brelade's Bay, photographed in the first decade of the 20th century

17 April

18 April

Two new family trees

23 April

New family trees

24 April

New family trees

25 April

  • Miscellaneous gravestone images, more St Lawrence gravestones added to our page of miscellaneous families. Other inscriptions are progressively being added to our 1,000-plus family pages

Two new Le Gros trees, both of which lead to Canada

27 April

30 April

And we are in the process of adding several hundred new photographs to the site. Check on your favourite pages to see whether they contain any of them

2 May

6 May

Note that we are now adding more Great War service records to our family pages as they are updated. Pages for surnames commencing A-H have now been updated, atlhough there are more service records to add to some of them

7 May

Some new pages listing family members who served, and those who died, in the Great War. We will not be listing all these new pages here, but these are representative of what will be included for all families in the Family pages

10 May

11 May

12 May

13 May

14 May


Two albums of photographs from a French library

18 May

21 May

22 May

A new family page and associated tree, with a large selection of family pictures

24 May

28 May

29 May

Our links to Google Maps' Street Views of many areas of Jersey have been very popular with users since they were introduced several years ago. Unfortunately some web browsers will not now display these views - most notably Firefox - so we have decided, with regret, to remove the links. We believe that we have now identified and removed all the links. Hopefully we will, in due course, find a way of bringing back these street and satellite views for the benefit of all Jerripedia visitors.

31 May

A story of three brothers, sons of a Jerseyman, who served in World War 1, and their family tree

And information on all Le Maistre family members who served in the war

4 June

6 June

Two trees expanded and linked following the receipt of new information from a family researcher

11 June

  • Picture of the week, potato exports during the General Strike and early Battle of Flowers participants

If the paucity of entries on this page in recent weeks suggests that the editorial team has gone to sleep for the summer, nothing could be further from the truth! We are beavering away below the surface on our thorough review of our 1,000-plus family pages. These pages are being redesigned, updated baptism listings are being added, together with lists of family wills and [[Great War] service. We have completed this review for family names beginning A-L, although we still have war service records to add for some of them. This work will continue until we have completed the review of all family pages later this year, and other additions to the site will have to be delayed.

14 June

16 June

18 June

20 June

20 June

21 June

23 June

25 June

26 June

27 June

28 June

29 June

30 June

1 July

2 July

  • Picture of the week, German tank on the road in Jersey and a bus which operated from 1929 to 1954

3 July

4 July

6 July

7 July

New additions to our lists of First World War participants

Individual stories of heroism

8 July

Further additions to our lists of First World War participants

9 July

More Great War participants

10 - 12 July

First World War participants

13 July

14 July

And associated trees

15 July

and associated tree

16 July

17 July

  • Today we reached a milestone in our major project to update all our family pages. We have now worked through all pages, revising their layout to make them easier to read, adding more content and family photographs, and providing links to updated pages of family baptism records. Our work of adding Great War service records, gravestone photographs and records of family wills to these pages continues. We also have a number of new pages in the index awaiting completion and will add a substantial number of further new families in the coming days and weeks.

Great War service records added to family pages

18 July

Great War service records added to family pages

19 July

Great War service records added to family pages

20 July

New family pages

and associated family trees

22 July

24 July

New family pages

and associated family trees

25 July

  • Carriages and charabancs our gallery of over 200 photographs from the 1860s to the Second World War has been completely reorganised

26 July

Great War service records added to family pages

and associated family trees

27 July

28 July

Great War service records added to family pages

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And what's next?

  • What’s coming? – a foretaste of new articles and family records coming soon
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