1815 Muster C

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Cabeldu Fras 18 Soldier Grouville
Cabeldu Philippe 24 Marine St Lawrence
Cabeldu Jean 52 Soldier St Mary
Cabeldu Jean 30 Soldier St Mary
Cabot Charles 32 Soldier Grouville
Cabot George 31 Soldier St Helier
Cabot Jean 38 Sergeant St Helier
Cabot Jean 67 St Helier
Cabot Jean 34 Soldier St Helier
Cabot Josue 58 St Helier
Cabot Josue 24 Out of island St Helier
Cabot Nicholas 41 St Helier
Cabot Philippe 38 St Helier
Cabot Philippe 48 Soldier St Helier
Cabot Philippe 36 St Helier
Cabot Pierre 48 Ill St Helier
Cabot Thomas 30 Sergeant St Helier
Cabot Thos St John
Cabot Nicholas 52 St John
Cabot Thomas 46 Soldier St John
Cabot Thomas 18 Out of island St John
Cabot Charles 66 St Martin
Cabot Elie 36 Soldier St Martin
Cabot Fras 22 Soldier St Martin
Cabot Jean 22 Soldier St Martin
Cabot Josue 25 Soldier St Martin
Cabot Philippe 68 St Martin
Cabot Philippe 26 St orkeeper St Martin
Cabot Jean 72 St Peter
Cabot Elie 29 St Saviour
Cabot Charles 68 Invalid Trinity
Cabot Daniel 45 Trinity
Cabot Daniel 20 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Daniel 34 Sergeant Trinity
Cabot Jean 33 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Jean 55 Invalid Trinity
Cabot Jean 30 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Jean 18 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Jean 19 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Jean 24 Soldier Trinity
Cabot Jean 42 Invalid Trinity
Cabot Jean 31 Trinity
Cabot Jean 52 Trinity
Cabot Jean 37 Trinity
Cabot Philippe 41 Trinity
Cabot Philippe 45 Trinity
Cabot Philippe 68 Invalid Trinity
Cabot Philippe 68 Invalid Trinity
Cabot Pierre 57 Porte Boete Trinity
Cabot Thomas 65 Trinity
Cadore Amice 17 Soldier St Mary
Cadore Jean 45 Soldier St Mary
Cadoret Daniel 21 St Saviour
Cadoret Jean 23 Soldier St Saviour
Cadoret Thomas 19 Soldier St Saviour
Caillet Daniel 42 St Helier
Caillot Philip 39 Soldier St Helier
Calliot Edward 34 St Saviour
Campbell John 58 Lieut St Saviour
Canivet Philippe 60 Grouville
Canivet Philippe 18 Soldier Grouville
Canivet Philippe 17 Soldier Grouville
Canivet Richard 76 Grouville
Canivet Thomas 40 Grouville
Canivet Jean 60 Batterie St Clement
Canivet Benjn 38 St Helier
Canning Josue 25 Soldier St Helier
Cardinal Jean 65 St Mary
Carel Amice 26 St Peter
Carencliff John 54 Out of island St Helier
Cariaud Daniel 42 Lieut St John
Cariaud Daniel 78 St John
Carrel George 19 At sea Grouville
Carrel George 43 Driver Grouville
Carrel Thomas 38 Armsman Grouville
Carrel Edward 18 Soldier St Brelade
Carrel Edward 46 Drummer St Brelade
Carrel Edward 26 Soldier St Brelade
Carrel Francois 62 Decharge St Brelade
Carrel Jean 24 Soldier St Brelade
Carrel Philippe 22 St Helier
Carrel Samuel 39 Soldier St Helier
Carrel Thomas 28 St Helier
Carrel Willm 36 Soldier St Helier
Carrel Amice 50 Storekeeper St Ouen
Carrel Amice 24 Driver St Ouen
Carrel Francois 42 Sergeant St Ouen
Carrel Francois 19 Drummer St Ouen
Carrel Jean 24 Soldier St Ouen
Carrel Jean 31 Soldier St Ouen
Carrel Philippe 31 At sea St Ouen
Carrel Amice 26 Fifre Major St Peter
Carrel Philippe 37 Soldier St Peter
Carrel Philippe 68 Invalid St Peter
Carter Henry 30 St Helier
Carter John 25 Soldier St Helier
Carter John 30 Soldier St Helier
Cassidy Thomas 29 St Helier
Castel Pierre 41 St Saviour
Castle Michael 33 Sergeant Major St Peter
Cateline Philippe 46 At sea St Mary
Cavannah Saml 17 Soldier St Helier
Cerf Jean 50 Soldier St Ouen
Cerf Philippe 55 Soldier St Ouen
Cerf Philippe 75 St Ouen
Chamberry Elezee 17 Musician St Helier
Champion Willm 32 St Helier
Chapman Willm 20 Soldier St Helier
Charlain Jean 36 St Helier
Charton Arthur 43 Exemte St Lawrence
Chevalier George 32 Out of island St Brelade
Chevalier Francois 37 Soldier St Clement
Chevalier Charles 48 Major St Helier
Chevalier Clemt 68 St Helier
Chevalier George 18 Out of island St Helier
Chevalier Jean 38 Lieut St Helier
Chevalier John 54 Centenier St Helier
Chevalier John De Soldier St Helier
Chevalier John 19 Soldier St Helier
Chevalier Pierre 26 Sergeant St Helier
Chevalier Richard 30 Soldier St Helier
Chevalier Abm 50 Out of island St John
Chevalier Jean 30 Soldier St Ouen
Chevalier George 32 Soldier St Peter
Chevalier Clement 37 Soldier St Saviour
Chevalier Peter 47 St Saviour
Chevalier Daniel 22 Soldier Trinity
Chevalier Daniel 52 Armsman Trinity
Chevalier Edward 20 Soldier Trinity
Chevalier Philippe 17 Soldier Trinity
Cheve Jean 31 Soldier St Helier
Chubb Richard 25 Soldier St Helier
Clark James 48 St Helier
Clark Jean 36 Pensioner St Martin
Clement Jean 65 St Brelade
Clement Nichs 33 Soldier St Brelade
Clement Nichs 59 Soldier St Brelade
Clement Philippe 48 Soldier St Brelade
Clement Philippe 46 St Brelade
Clement Pierre 20 Soldier St Brelade
Clement Jean 33 At sea St Clement
Clement Jean 19 Soldier St Clement
Clement Jean 67 St Clement
Clement Jean 18 Soldier St Clement
Clement Philippe 40 Sergeant St Clement
Clement Philippe 73 St Clement
Clement Thos 32 Driver St Clement
Clement Jean 34 Marrinier St Lawrence
Clement Pierce 42 Lieut St Lawrence
Clements James 50 St Helier
Clerk Joseph 39 St Mary
Clever William 26 Sergeant St Helier
Cliffard George 19 Out of island St Brelade
Cliffard Henry 25 Soldier St Brelade
Cliffard John 39 Avertisseur St Helier
Clifford George 50 Out of island St Brelade
Colback James 64 Soldier St John
Colback Jean 22 Soldier St John
Colbert Josue 30 Soldier St Helier
Colin John 58 St Helier
Collas Jean 48 Grouville
Collas George 40 Soldier St Helier
Collas Jean 35 Soldier St Helier
Collas John 36 Soldier St Helier
Collas John 77 St Helier
Collas John Ph 46 Centenier St Helier
Collas William 34 Soldier St Helier
Collas Edward 32 Lieutenant St Martin
Collas Philippe 39 Capitaine St Martin
Collas Philippe 48 Chef de Batterie St Martin
Collas Philippe 19 Soldier St Martin
Collas Jean 34 Soldier St Mary
Collas Jean 56 Soldier St Mary
Collas Jean 19 Soldier St Mary
Collas Helier 27 Soldier St Peter
Collas George 35 Troopeur St Saviour
Collas Hers de Ph St Saviour
Collas Jean 77 St Saviour
Collas Charles 33 Soldier Trinity
Colling Elie 71 St Helier
Collyer Robert 28 Soldier St Helier
Colomb Amice 50 Invalid St Peter
Colville Josue 45 St Helier
Connell John 20 St Helier
Connolly John 60 Officier Halfpay St Martin
Connor Michael 36 St Helier
Conway Pierre 34 Out of island St Peter
Cook John 24 Soldier Grouville
Coombs Ed 60 Capt St Helier
Coombs William 50 St Helier
Cooper Thomas 42 St Helier
Corbel Eduard 61 Soldier St Helier
Corbel Jean 36 Soldier St Helier
Corbel Francois 17 Soldier St Lawrence
Corbel Francois 60 Soldier St Lawrence
Corbel Jean 26 Soldier St Lawrence
Corlew John 35 St Helier
Corre James 36 Armsman St Helier
Cosius Isaac 45 St Helier
Cosnard James 29 St Helier
Cosnard Jean 15 Lieut St Helier
Cosnard Jean 46 Lieut St Helier
Cotard John 44 St Helier
Cotter Pierre 44 Half-pay Officer St Brelade
Couillard Nichs 35 Soldier Trinity
Coutanche Charles 32 St Helier
Coutanche Clement 30 Out of island St Helier
Coutanche Clemnt 40 Sergeant St Helier
Coutanche Ed 23 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche Jean 48 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche Jean 45 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche John 19 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche John 45 Provided horse St Helier
Coutanche Noe 42 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche Ph 19 Drummer St Helier
Coutanche Philippe 29 Soldier St Helier
Coutanche Clement 36 Soldier St John
Coutanche Clement 20 Soldier St John
Coutanche Fras 37 Soldier St John
Coutanche Helier 19 Soldier St John
Coutanche Henri 38 Soldier St John
Coutanche Henry 18 Soldier St John
Coutanche Jean 25 Out of island St John
Coutanche Jean 31 Soldier St John
Coutanche Jean 60 St John
Coutanche Josue 20 Drummer St John
Coutanche Josue 22 Soldier St John
Coutanche Josue 47 Soldier St John
Coutanche Michel 52 Soldier St John
Coutanche Philippe 64 Exempt St John
Coutanche Philippe 28 Soldier St John
Coutanche Philippe 42 Soldier St John
Coutanche Pierre 34 Soldier St John
Coutanche Saml 49 Chevalier St John
Coutanche Francois 32 Soldier St Lawrence
Coutanche Jean 17 At sea St Lawrence
Coutanche Isaac 50 St Martin
Coutanche Ph 50 Soldier St Martin
Coutanche Ph 18 Soldier St Martin
Coutanche Chas 20 Soldier St Mary
Coutanche Clement 64 Soldier St Mary
Coutanche Ed 53 Soldier St Mary
Coutanche Elie 55 Soldier St Mary
Coutanche Chas 19 Soldier Trinity
Coutanche Chas 52 Armsman Trinity
Coutanche Chas 31 Invalid Trinity
Coutanche Edward 44 Ill Trinity
Coutanche Elie 22 Soldier Trinity
Coutanche Henry 80 Invalid Trinity
Coutanche Henry 37 Chef de Batterie Trinity
Coutanche Ph 43 Armsman Trinity
Coutanche Ph 42 Soldier Trinity
Coutanche Philippe 20 Soldier Trinity
Coutanche Pierre 30 Provided horse Trinity
Couvet John 34 St Helier
Couvet Philip 32 St Helier
Cower Josue 26 St Helier
Craig John 70 St Helier
Creegin Thomas 28 Soldier St Helier
Cressard David 45 Avertisseur St Helier
Cressard Francois 35 Drummer St Helier
Crill Jean 23 Corpl d'Artillerie St Lawrence
Crill Philippe 22 Soldier St Lawrence
Cristain Jean 17 Soldier St John
Cristain Jean 52 Storekeeper St John
Cristie Thomas 19 Soldier Grouville
Crofton Ralph 24 Lieut St Peter
Croom James 44 St Helier
Croom Robert 27 St Helier
Cullum Robert 36 Pensioner St Peter
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