1815 Muster S

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Salmon Abm 66 Decharge St Brelade
Salmon Abm 66 Decharge St Brelade
Salmond Jean 41 Lieut St Ouen
Salmont Thomas 18 Soldier St Peter
Sampson David 76 Invalid St Clement
Samuel Jacob 25 Soldier St Helier
Sandars Bernard 28 St Saviour
Sarre Nicolas 28 Soldier St Helier
Sarre Pierre 26 Soldier St Helier
Sarre Josue 42 Porte Boete St John
Sarre Josue 22 Soldier St John
Sarre Josue 24 Soldier St John
Sarre Nicholas 22 Soldier St John
Sarre Nicholas 46 Soldier St John
Sarre Nicholas 40 Soldier St John
Sarre Philippe 46 Soldier St John
Sarre Thomas 25 Soldier St John
Sarre Thomas 44 Provided horse St John
Saunders Josue 17 Soldier St Helier
Sauvage Philippe 60 Soldier St Helier
Sauvage Helier 34 Porte Cartouche St Martin
Sauvage Frans 37 Exempt St Mary
Sauvage Jean 18 Soldier St Mary
Sauvage Jean 41 Soldier St Mary
Sauvage Jean 46 Conducteur St Ouen
Sauvage Jean 19 Driver St Ouen
Sauvage Philippe 17 At sea St Ouen
Sauvage Charles 30 Soldier St Peter
Scarborough Wm 36 St Helier
Scott Jean 27 St Helier
Scott John 49 Soldier St Helier
Screaton Thomas 21 Soldier St Helier
Seaben Charles 24 Soldier St Helier
Seale Thomas 17 St Brelade
Seale Thomas 59 Provided horse St Brelade
Seamell Thomas 20 Soldier St Helier
Seany James 24 Soldier St Helier
Sebire Pierre 42 St Helier
Sebire Daniel 22 Soldier St Peter
Sebire Jean 26 Out of island St Peter
Sebire Jean 53 Mariner St Peter
Sebire Laurans 20 Mariner St Peter
Sebire Nicolas 25 Mariner St Peter
Sebire Nicolas 51 Soldier St Peter
Sebire Jean 18 St Saviour
Sebirel Josue 45 Soldier St Peter
Selby Thomas 36 St Helier
Selleur James 35 Mariner St Peter
Selous Jean 18 Soldier St Ouen
Selous Philippe 20 Soldier St Ouen
Selous Elie 48 Mariner St Peter
Selous Elie 20 Mariner St Peter
Sennet Jacob 19 St Saviour
Seward Edward 22 Lieut St Helier
Shaffner George 58 St Helier
Shaw John 52 Soldier St Helier
Sherlock Edward 24 Soldier St Helier
Simon Henry 27 Soldier Grouville
Simon Pierre 21 At sea Grouville
Simon Charles 48 Provided horse St Helier
Simon Michael 21 St Helier
Simon Philippe 48 Soldier St Helier
Simon Thomas 34 Out of island St Helier
Simon Clement 39 Soldier St John
Simon Clement 48 Chef de Batterie St John
Simon David 40 Soldier St John
Simon Elie Josue 32 Soldier St John
Simon Jean 67 St John
Simon Jean 63 Soldier St John
Simon Philippe 34 Soldier St Peter
Simon Philippe 44 St Peter
Simonet Pierre 42 Capitaine Grouville
Simonet Jacques 66 St Helier
Simonet Louis 35 Lieut St Helier
Simpson 40 St Helier
Sinclair Peter 36 St Helier
Sinel Jean 22 Musician St Helier
Sinel Jean 47 Provided horse St Helier
Sinel Philippe 17 St Helier
Sivret Elie 33 St Peter
Sivret Jean 28 Sergeant St Peter
Sivret Jean 42 At sea St Peter
Sivret Pierre 38 Soldier St Peter
Skelton James 20 St Helier
Skelton John 42 Out of island St Helier
Skelton John 22 Out of island St Helier
Skelton George 65 Sergeant Major St Mary
Skelton Jean 63 Conducteur St Mary
Skelton Jean 32 Drummer St Mary
Skelton Jean 28 Fifre St Ouen
Skelton Philippe 60 St Ouen
Slous Jean 45 Storekeeper St Brelade
Slous Jean 60 St Brelade
Slous William 19 St Brelade
Slous James 42 Soldier St Helier
Smith William 18 St Brelade
Smith 44 Soldier St Helier
Smith James 27 St Helier
Smith Josue 65 St Helier
Smith Philippe 32 St Helier
Smith Thomas 76 St Helier
Smith William 32 Soldier St Helier
Smith Abraham 52 Invalid St Saviour
Smith Samuel 43 St Saviour
Sohier Charles 26 Sergeant St Helier
Sohier Charles 17 St Helier
Sohier Edward 20 Lieut St Helier
Sohier George 55 St Helier
Sohier George 52 St Helier
Sohier George 28 Soldier St Helier
Sohier Henri 34 St Helier
Sohier Jean 38 St Helier
Sohier Jean 64 St Helier
Sohier Jean 17 St Helier
Sohier Jean Revd 32 St Helier
Sohier Philippe 19 Soldier St Helier
Sohier Pierre 48 Provided horse St Helier
Sohier Thomas 25 Soldier St Helier
Sohier Thomas 38 St Helier
Sohier George 24 Fifre St Peter
Sohier George 19 Bugler St Saviour
Sorrel Jean 30 Soldier St Helier
Sorrel Thomas 28 St Helier
Sorsoleil Jean 50 Soldier St Lawrence
Sorsoleil Wm 21 Soldier St Lawrence
Sorsoleil Francois 17 Soldier St Mary
Sorsoleil Fras 39 Porte Cartouche St Mary
Sorsoleil Philippe 44 St Mary
Sorsoleil Philippe 19 St Mary
Souillia Jospeh 36 St Helier
Soullemont Ths 69 Invalid St Clement
Soyer Ed Jean 83 St Martin
Soyer Philippe 28 Sergeant St Martin
Soyer Thomas 41 Troopeur St Martin
Squoine Edward 29 St Lawrence
Stanige Jean 41 Out of island St Brelade
Starck Elie 25 Sergeant Grouville
Starck Elie 28 Soldier St Martin
Starck Jean 42 Soldier St Saviour
Starck Elie 51 Provided horse Trinity
Starck Elie 23 Soldier Trinity
Starck Jean 18 Soldier Trinity
Steele Clement 23 Soldier St Martin
Steele Clement 48 Soldier St Martin
Stein Christopher 20 St Lawrence
Stephen Palmer 26 Soldier St Brelade
Stoker Robert 25 St Helier
Stone John 22 St Helier
Stone Josue 42 St Helier
Stone William 51 St Helier
Stratford Etienne 43 Soldier St Helier
Stratford John 40 St Helier
Street Etienne 19 St Helier
Struve Doctor 40 St Helier
Sueur Jean 36 Provided horse St Martin
Sueur Josue 30 At sea St Ouen
Sueur Edward 19 Soldier St Peter
Sueur Philippe 50 Armsman Trinity
Sullivan Edward 34 Soldier St Helier
Sullivan G Frs 30 Soldier St Helier
Sweeny Edward 30 St Helier
Sweetland John 45 St Helier
Syborn John 34 Soldier St Ouen
Syborn Philippe 34 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Philippe 49 Soldier Grouville
Syvret Jean 36 Lieut St Helier
Syvret Elie 55 Lieut St Lawrence
Syvret Elie 19 St Lawrence
Syvret Nicolas 29 Lieut St Lawrence
Syvret William 17 Absent St Lawrence
Syvret Matthew 73 St Martin
Syvret Jean 32 Provided horse St Mary
Syvret Jean 30 Soldier St Mary
Syvret Aaron 40 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Charles 17 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Edward 42 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret George 24 Sergeant St Ouen
Syvret Hers Jean St Ouen
Syvret Jacques 18 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Jacques 30 Lieutenant St Ouen
Syvret Jacques 48 Cavalier St Ouen
Syvret Jean 38 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Jean 18 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Jean 70 St Ouen
Syvret Ph 23 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Philippe 20 Driver St Ouen
Syvret Philippe 19 Soldier St Ouen
Syvret Philippe 31 At sea St Ouen
Syvret Philippe 50 Lieut St Ouen
Syvret George 25 Soldier St Saviour
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