1815 Muster T

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Talbot Jean 25 Soldier St Helier
Tarrel Michael 38 St Helier
Tarrel Thomas 46 St Helier
Telaine William 17 Soldier St Peter
Telaine William 43 Soldier St Peter
Terry David 51 St Helier
Tessiaux Charles 70 Invalid St Peter
Tessier Henri 21 Soldier St John
Tessier Henry 42 Provided horse St John
Tessier Jean 19 Soldier St John
Tevoud Willm 33 Soldier St Helier
Thomas 35 Soldier St Helier
Thomas James 38 St Helier
Thomas Richard 40 St Helier
Thomas Thomas 47 St Helier
Thompson William 19 Provided horse St Helier
Thompson Willm 45 Provided horse St Helier
Thoreau Jean 30 Soldier St Helier
Thoreau Philippe 45 St Helier
Thoreau Pierre 60 Soldier St Helier
Thoreau Willm 38 St John
Thoreau Jean St Mary
Thoreau Philippe 54 St Mary
Thornton John 37 St Helier
Tibot Pierre 44 Soldier Trinity
Timothy James 41 St Helier
Tocque Jean 17 Marine St Lawrence
Tocque Pierre 22 Soldier St Lawrence
Tocque Thomas 46 Storekeeper St Lawrence
Tocque Jean 20 Out of island St Peter
Tocque Jean 52 Cavalier St Peter
Tocque Pierre 49 Soldier St Peter
Toit Jean 45 Porte Cartouches St Peter
Tonnick Edward 39 Soldier St Helier
Tostevin James 22 Soldier St Helier
Tostevin Pierre 28 Musician St Helier
Touet Clement 38 At sea St Clement
Touet Jean 45 Ill St Clement
Touet Jean 71 Lecteur St Clement
Touet Philippe 36 Soldier St Clement
Tourgie Jean 52 Soldier St John
Tourgie Jean 26 Soldier St John
Tourgis Philippe 45 Soldier St Lawrence
Tourgis Simon 44 Corporal St Mary
Tourgis Jean 19 Soldier St Peter
Tourgis Philippe 57 Soldier St Peter
Tourgis Philippe 28 Drummer St Peter
Tourneur Charles 47 St Helier
Tourneur Frs 37 St Helier
Toury Jacques 49 Provided horse St Helier
Toury Jean 22 Drummer St Helier
Toutain Louis 33 Soldier St Helier
Touzel Francois 40 Soldier Grouville
Touzel Jean 48 Sergeant Grouville
Touzel Jean 77 Grouville
Touzel Philippe 33 Grouville
Touzel Philippe 49 Storekeeper Grouville
Touzel Thomas 28 Soldier Grouville
Touzel Daniel 57 Storekeeper St Clement
Touzel Edward 32 St Clement
Touzel Francois 28 Soldier St Clement
Touzel George 30 Soldier St Clement
Touzel Henry 82 Invalid St Clement
Touzel Jean 48 Provided horse St Clement
Touzel Jean 33 Captn St Clement
Touzel Jean 19 Soldier St Clement
Touzel Philippe 77 Invalid St Clement
Touzel Philippe 40 Provided horse St Clement
Touzel Philippe 55 St Clement
Touzel Philippe 19 Fifre St Clement
Touzel Richard 50 St Clement
Touzel Thomas 34 Soldier St Clement
Touzel Edward 33 Sergeant Major St Helier
Touzel Francois 27 Soldier St Helier
Touzel George 38 St Helier
Touzel Jean 34 St Helier
Touzel Jean 36 Soldier St Helier
Touzel Matthew 28 Soldier St Helier
Touzel Michael 47 St Helier
Touzel Philippe 42 St Helier
Touzel Thomas 39 Sergeant St Helier
Touzel Thomas 25 Soldier St Helier
Touzel Thomas 17 St Helier
Touzel Francois 17 Soldier St Saviour
Touzel Helier 36 Inspecteur de Milice St Saviour
Touzel Philippe 20 Soldier St Saviour
Touzel Thomas 22 Soldier St Saviour
Touzel Thomas 51 Soldier St Saviour
Trachy Daniel 51 Soldier St Helier
Trachy Jean 32 Provided horse St Mary
Trachy Philippe 66 St Mary
Trachy Pierre 32 St Mary
Trachy Abm 21 At sea St Peter
Trachy Benjamin 32 At sea St Peter
Trachy Benjamin 62 Invalid St Peter
Trachy Jean 35 Garde Arsenal St Peter
Treary Jeremia 34 Soldier St Helier
Trecier Elie 24 Soldier St Lawrence
Triggs John 38 Soldier Grouville
Trout H 36 Pensioner St Martin
Truffenes Charles 58 Soldier St Lawrence
Tublin Josue 71 St Helier
Tuckins Edward 26 Soldier St Helier
Turner Edward 25 Soldier St Helier
Turner Thomas 22 Soldier St Helier
Turner Thomas 21 Out of island St Helier
Turner Thomas 55 Provided horse St Helier
Turner Thomas 48 Soldier St Lawrence
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