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From the Jersey Times and British Press, 7 August 1907

A fashionable and extremely pretty wedding was solemnised at 12.30 o’clock this aftgernoon at St Mark’s Church, the contracting parties being Miss Alice Hooper, daughter of Dr and Mrs L Hooper, of 19 Midvale Road, and the Rev Allen Hay, Vicar of South Mynns, Barnet, both of whom have friends galore in local Society.

Choral service

The church ahd been tastefully adorned for the auspicious occasion with fine palms, while the service was fully choral, and did every credit to the choir of St Mark’s and to gifted Mr C E R Stevens, who presided at the organ. The choir, we might mention, were assisted on this occasion by two cantors from St Giles’s Church at South Mynn, besides several members of St Simon’s Church choir.

The arrival of the wedding party at the Church was interestedly watched by a large number of curious lookers-on, while within was a numerous and fashionable gathering well representative of local Society.

The high regard in which all who know her hold the bonny bride, who has grown up in our midst, was thus eloquently testified to, while of course Mr Hay is also a well-known figure among us.

The bride looked perfectly charming in white satin, trimmed with handsome silvery fillet lace, the whole of the bodice being of lace, with bands of satin. She wore a gold and opal bangle, the gift of the bridegroom.

There were four bridesmaids, Miss W Hooper, Miss M Hooper, Miss Drury-Shaw and Miss Kathleen Godfray. They were in white fillet dresses with broad bands of silk and wore large white picture hats, effectively trimmed with shaded green ostrich feathers. Each carried a beautiful bouquet of pink and dark carnations and wore a gold and pearl star brooch presented as a memento by the bridegroom.

The bride was given away by her father and Mr J Dancell acted as best man.

As the bridal party entered the Church, the choir sang the hymn The voice that breathed o’er Eden. The special Psalms used were sung to a Gregorian Tone, while the last hymn was Now thank we all our God.

The officiating clergy were the Rev E N Powell, Vicar of St Stephen’s, Upton Park; the Rev Father Hogan, Assistant Priest at South Mynn, and the Rev C M Godfray, Vicar of St Simon’s.

During the signing of the register Mr Stevens played very effectively the Procession to the Minister, from Wagner’s Lohengrin, and the wedding procession left the Church to the strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.

The bells of St Mark’s rang out a merry carrilon after the ceremony.


A reception was held after the ceremony at 19 Midvale Road, at which a large number of guests were present, including the following:

  • Mrs Hay (mother)
  • Col and Mrs Chadwick (uncle and aunt)
  • Mr George Mends (uncle)
  • Mr James Mends (cousin)
  • Mrs Torvel-Ellis (aunt)
  • Mr and Miss Charles Godfray
  • Dr and Mrs Hind
  • Mrs and Miss Drury Shaw
  • Mr, Mrs and Miss Gruchy
  • Mr and Mrs Mirehouse
  • Mr, Mrs and Miss Cobley
  • Miss Clayton
  • Mr and Mrs Kilgour
  • The Misses Le Cronier
  • Rev C M Godfray
  • Mrs Poignard
  • Mr, Mrs and Miss Garrett
  • Miss de Veulle
  • Mrs and Miss MacDougall Stewart
  • Mrs H Le Gros
  • Mr and Mrs Lloyd
  • Miss M Nicolle
  • Mr, Mrs and Miss Allardice
  • Mrs and Miss Murro
  • Miss R Le Cornu
  • The Misses Marett
  • Dr and Mrs Smith
  • Mr and Mrs F Godfray
  • Miss de Quetteville
  • Dr and Mrs Colson
  • Dr and Mrs Powell
  • Major and Mrs Gibaut
  • Rev Mr, Mrs and Miss Hogan
  • Mr, Mrs and Miss Lemon Walker
  • Miss Clement
  • Mr and Mrs E Blandy
  • Col and Mrs Stewart
  • Rev E Powell
  • Col, Mrs and the Misses Marett
  • Mr and Mrs Ingles
  • Mr and Mrs Claud Blandy
  • The Misses Lloyd
  • Miss Hyslop
  • Mr Kennedy
  • Col, Mrs and the Misses Rybot
  • Capt L Rybot
  • Major, Mrs and Miss Goodwyne
  • The Misses Vesey Walker
  • Mr and Miss Hampshire
  • Mr and Mrs Ashpital
  • Rev G and Miss Balleine
  • Mrs Murray Rogers
  • Mrs and the Misses de Quetteville
  • Miss Dodgin
  • Mrs and the Misses Collington
  • Miss Allen
  • Dr, Mrs and Miss Duret-Aubin
  • Mrs and Miss Whitehead
  • The Misses Poore
  • Dr, Mrs and Miss Le Rossignol
  • Mrs Hallet
  • Mr C Hallet
  • Col and Mrs Vatcher
  • The Misses Haynes
  • Dr and Mrs Symonds
  • Mrs and Miss Dustan
  • The Very Rev Dean, Mrs and Miss Falle
  • Dr and Mrs Le Cronier
  • Mr Teringham
  • Miss Cheta Butler
  • Miss Wigney
  • Miss Gittens
  • Rev Graham
  • Mr Rick
  • Miss Hodder
  • Mr and Mrs Price
  • The Misses Nicolle
  • Mrs White
  • The Misses Craigie
  • Rev C and Mrs Cobbe
  • Mr and Mrs Belk
  • Miss Dickson

Presents and cake

The wedding presents were both numerous and costly, proving the general popularity of Mr and Mrs Allen Hay.

The wedding cake, the work of Mr W Valpy Gaudin (King Street) was a fine specimen of the confectioner’s art, and weighed close on 100 lb. In colour of the purest white, the cake, which was over 3 feet in height, was mounted on a handsomely worked electro-silver plateau, and consisted of three separate tiers, each supported on Corinthian pillars and graceful scroll-work.

The happy pair left for France by the Victoria this afternoon, and will spend the honeymoon on a motor tour on the Continent in a car lent by Mr R S Myles.

The bride’s going away costume consisted of a travelling coat and skirt to match in green Aquascutum cloth, and a brown hat trimmed with grapes.

The dresses were made by Mme Coffin (New Street) and the bridal millinery was supplied by A de Gruchy and Co (King Street) and Mr H Becker supplied the palms decorating the Church.

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