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Descendants of Adrian Valpy


This tree was added in 2021 by John Renouf. It should be read in conjunction with Descendants_of_Philippe_Valpy_dit_Janvrin, some of which is here replicated

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  • 1 Adrian Valpy dit Janvrin (1540-1620) (St B) m Perrine Renouf (-1594 St B) daughter of Martin Renouf and grand daughter of Jean Renouf of St Mary (1480)[1]
    • 2 Pierre Valpy dit Janvrin (Abt.1565-1635) (St B) m (1586, St B) Isobel de La Haulle (1568- )(St B)[2]
      • 3 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1587-1626) (St B) [3], m Marthe Valpy dit Janvrin [4] (1599-1626)(St B) [5]
        • 4 Elizabeth Valpy dit Janvrin (1622-1626) (St B) [6]
        • 4 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1624-1673) (St B) m (1647, St P) Judith Esnouf (1619-1703) (St B)
          • 5 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1650-1716) (St B) m (1672, St B) Elizabeth Nicolle (1653-1731) (St B)
            • 6 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1674-1724) [7] m (1691, St B) Elizabeth Falle, elder daughter and principal heir of Jean, son of Lucas
              • 7 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1691-1785) [8] (St P) m (1718, St P) Jeanne Remon (1701-1791)
                • 8 Jeanne Valpy dit Janvrin (1719-1798) m (1742, St B) Daniel Messervy (1721-1775) [9]
                • 8 Brelade Janvrin (1721-1789) (St B) [10] m (1749, St P) Elizabeth de Lecq (1724- ) [11] (St B)
                  • 9 Francois Janvrin (1750-1812) Jurat [12] m (1773, St PP, Gsy) Jeanne Shepherd (Gsy) daughter of Hannibal
                  • 9 Elizabeth Valpy dit Janvrin (1752- ) m Philippe Hamon [13]
                  • 9 Daniel Janvrin (1754- ) Died young
                  • 9 Brelade Janvrin (1758-1758)
                  • 9 Philip Janvrin (1759-1833 [14] m (1783, St H) Elizabeth Dolbel d of Jean (St H) [15]
                  • 9 Jean Janvrin (1762- ) (St B) [16] m (1799, St H) Esther Elizabeth Filleul (1780-1864) daughter of Philippe, of Le Haguais
                    • 10 Esther Elizabeth (Elsie) Janvrin ( -1876) (St B) m Philip Marett (1802- ) (St L)
                  • 9 Pierre Valpy dit Janvrin (1765- ) [17]
                  • 9 Anne Valpy dit Janvrin (1769- ) m Philippe Marett of La Haule
                • 8 Daniel Janvrin (1723-1783) (St P) m 1 Marie Langlois ( -1747)
                  • 9 Daniel Janvrin (1746-1746)
                  • 9 Marie Janvrin (1747-1788) m (1768, St P) Jean Balleine
                  • by the 2nd wife of Daniel Janvrin m (1754, St J) Catherine Le Boutillier (St J)
                  • 9 Daniel Janvrin (1755-1792) (St P) m (1785, St P) Sara Le Bas [18] daughter of Jean and Marie, née Marett (St P)
                    • 10 Daniel Janvrin (1786-1863) [19] m (1812) Elizabeth Jones
            • 6 Judith Valpy dit Janvrin (1678-1698) (St B) m (1697, St L) Edouard Renouf (1673-1734)(St L)
      • 3 Perrine Valpy dit Janvrin (1603-1681) (St B) m (1631, St B) Richard de Carteret (1605- ), son of Richard de Carteret and Jeanne Pipon [20]
    • 2 Françoise Valpy dit Janvrin (1562- ) (St B)
    • 2 Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1566-1587) (St B)
    • 2 Thomas Valpy dit Janvrin (1569- ) (St B) m Catherine Le Roux (1570-1637) (St B)
      • 3 Adrian Valpy dit Janvrin (1602-1682) (St B) m (1623, St B) Ester Le Bas
        • 4 Adrian Valpy dit Janvrin (1625-1711) (St B) m (1651, St B) Elizabeth Becquet ( -1671) (St B)
          • 5 Edouard Valpy dit Janvrin (1669-1734) (St B) m (1691, St B) Judith Valpy dit Janvrin (1671-1733) (St B)
            • 6 Elizabeth Valpy dit Janvrin (1698- ) (St B)
            • 6 Judith Valpy dit Janvrin (1701-1799) (St B) m (1724, Southampton, Hampshire, England) Jean Mauger (1704-1733) (St B) [21]
      • 3 Gidéon Valpy dit Janvrin (1596-1641) (St B) m (Southampton, Hampshire, England) Unknown
        • 4 Ann Janvrin (1625- ) (Southampton)
        • 4 Mary Janvrin (1628- ) (Southampton)
        • 4 Elizabeth Janvrin (1631- ) (Southampton)
        • 4 Gidion Janvrin (1634-1721) (Southampton)
        • 4 John Janvrin (1637-1725) (Southampton) m Mary Moody (1650- )
          • 5 Thomas Janvrin (1674-1682) (Southampton)
          • 5 John Janvrin (1676-1752) (Southampton)
          • 5 Gidion Janverin [22] (1680-1747) (Southampton) m Deborah Harmsworth (1686-1757)
            • 6 Moody Janverin [23] (1708-1784)(Southhampton) m Martha Hardy (1715-1789)
              • 7 Thomas Janverin (1750-1826) (Southampton)
              • 7 Elizabeth Harriet Janverin (1765- ) (Southampton)
          • 5 Edmund Janvrin (1684-1704) (Southampton)
      • 3 Marthe Valpy dit Janvrin [24] (1599-1626) (St B)
      • 3 Adrian Valpy dit Janvrin (1602-1682) (St B)
    • 2 Jacques Valpy dit Janvrin (1572- ) (St B)

Notes and references

Family name is: Valpy dit Janvrin, which appears in records as both: Janvrin (Jenvrin) and Valpy (Valpie)

  1. According to the tree at the Société Jersiaise she is Perrine Renouf but her own family name is not mentioned in her burial record from 1594
  2. The beginning of this tree is different to the 'Descendants of Philippe Valpy dit Janvrin'. Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1587-1626) has a Godfather: Jean de La Haulle who should be the brother of Isobel, his mother
  3. Godfather (parrain): Jean de La Haulle
  4. 1st cousin marriage, see below
  5. Parents died of 'contagion' and left their surviving son Daniel an orphan or in the care of his grandparents
  6. Also died of 'contagion'
  7. Master and Owner of a ship in the Virginia trade
  8. Daniel's initials - DIV 1743 - are engraved on the family's St Peter farmhouse, now called Andover Lodge, near the church
  9. Merchant and shipowner, of Linden Hall, Mont au Prêtre, St Helier. Messervy owned, between 1756-1772, nineteen vessels, including privateers: J. Jean, Jersey Ships and Railways (Jersey: La Haule Books, 1989), 22-23
  10. Owner in 1768 of one vessel, the 60 ton brig Mayflower. He was also one of the original members, in that year, of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce: A C Saunders, Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, (Jersey: Bigwood Ltd; 1930), 30. Brelade Janvrin, his four sons and at least two grandsons built up their fleet, trading in New Brunswick and Gaspé cod, rapidly becoming one of the Island`s foremost shipping firms, perhaps the foremost. John Jean lists 94 vessels owned by this family and its partners between 1775-1841, two of which were named Janvrin. To this total needs to be added those vessels owned between 1768-1774: John Jean, Jersey Ships and Railways, op cit, 104-106
  11. Of Le Coin, off Mont aux Roux, St Brelade, where she and her husband lived
  12. Merchant, in partnership with his brothers, as Janvrin Brothers of Cape Breton Island (1798) and in the Bay of Gaspé. He was on the committee of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce in 1785
  13. Of the High Street, St Aubin, one-time partner with his brothers-in-law as Janvrin and Hamon
  14. Merchant and Shipowner in the Canadian Maritime cod trade, in partnership with his brothers
  15. Constable of St Helier
  16. Merchant and partner in Janvrin Brothers. John Janvrin was involved in the movement to build the North Pier, St Aubin`s Harbour, where a stone has engraved upon it JJ. The idea appeared to be sound; however, it affected the current within the harbour, leading to silting
  17. Master Mariner; captain of Unity, (1785)
  18. Sara Le Bas married secondly (1794, St P) Jacques Bessin
  19. Lieutenant, RJM; Merchant in his cousins' firm, at Arichat (1810 Procurations), selling his St Peter property in that year; Notary Public (1841 Census, St Helier, described in his daughter Amelia's 1846 marriage register entry). He was latterly a banker (in his daughter Louisa Mary`s 1851 marriage entry)
  20. Two sons, two daughters
  21. Four sons and three daughters
  22. Name became Janverin in Southampton
  23. Shipbuilder for the Royal Navy at Lepe, Hampshire
  24. Married her 1st cousin Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin (1587-1626), see above
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