Allen/Allain family members who served in the Great War

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Allen/Allain family members who served in the Great War

Two members of the family died in World War One and another 16 saw active service

  • Edward Leonard Bisson Allen, second son of George Frederick and Fanny. Killed in action aged 23 in October 1916
  • William Richard Allen, husband of Catherine Allen of Hilary Street, St Helier. Killed in action aged 22 in October 1918
  • Jean Allaine, St S, Driver 22 Brigade Royal Field Artillery
  • Albert Jack Allaine, Private Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  • Arthur William Allan, Private 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers
  • Harold Clifford Allan (1901- ), Officer's Steward RN, HMS Victory I
  • James Allan (1884- ) (St H), Able Seaman RN, HMS Pembroke
  • Annie Barbara Allen (1885- ), daughter of Charles Prout and Annie Barbara Esther Bree, Mercantile Marine
  • Charles Allen, Sergeant RAMC
  • Clarence Francis Thomas Allen (1886- ) (St H), L-seaman RN, HMS Sandhurst, HMS Rapid
  • George Allen (1890- ) (St H) Petty Officer RN, HMS Dido, HMS Torrid
  • George Edward Bisson Allen (1883- ) (St H), son of George Frederick and Elizabeth Piton, Aircraft handler RAF
  • J Allen, RN
  • James CG Allen, RN
  • James George Allen (1881- ) son of James Thomas and Margaret Jane Boomer, Cpl Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
  • Robert Horman Allen, Private, RMIJ
  • William Edward Allen, Sapper Royal Engineers
  • Francis John Dallain (1897- ) (St B), son of Alexander Paul and Marie, Private Royal Engineers
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