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Amy ships' captains


John Amy was master of the ill-fated Circassian

Lloyds List of Captains 1868-1873

  • Amy Charles, born 1796 Jersey. Ulysses 1856-7; Ideal 1857; Boadicea 1863-4
  • Amy Charles John, born Jersey 1838, drowned 1871. John Nicholson 1863-5; Enthusiast 1865-7; Annie Worral 1867-8; Mary Nicholson 1868; Nerio 1870-71.
  • Amy Hellier, born 1822 Jersey. St Croix 1866-67; Stornoway 1867-68; Eden 1869; Napier 1871; Enigma
  • Amy John, born 1827 Jersey. Halcyon 1866, Zephyr 1872, Island Queen 1873.
  • Amy John B, born 1831 Jersey. Warrior, 1865; Circassian, 1866-1871
  • Amy John, born Jersey 1820. Bradore, 1857; Cornucopia, 1860; Halcyon, 1863; Lady of the Isles, 1869; London, 1871; Island Queen, 1872-3.
  • Amy Philip, born 1821, Jersey. Bolina, 1858-72; Eagle, 1860.
  • Amy Thomas, born 1828, Jersey. Brado, 1856; Union, 1859.


An agreement between Philip Amy, master of the ship Love of the port of Jersey and burden of 41 tons, and the several persons whose names are subscribed hereto.

It is agreed by and on the part of the said persons, and they severally hereby engage to serve on board the said ship in the several capacities against their resepctive names expressed, on voyages from the port of Jersey to port or ports in France, thence to port or ports in the United Kingdom, thence to port or ports in France or where freights may offer, thence to port or ports in the United Kingdom and back to Jersey for a period of six months.
And the said crew further engage to conduct themselves in an orderly, faithful, honest, careful and sober manner, and to be at all times diligent in their respective duties and stations, and to be obedient to the lawful commands of the master in every thing relating to the said ship and the materials, stores and cargo thereof, whether on board such ship, in boats or on shore.
Each of the crew engage to pay seven pence halfpenny per month to the Jersey Merchant Seamens funds.
Scale of provisions: Sufficient without waste subject to Act of Parliament 22/1868 23331. Jersey 27 July 1872
  • Philip Amy aged 32 born Jersey, master
  • Francis Lucas aged 34 born Jersey, mate
  • John Amy, 28 born Jersey, AB
  • Frederick Renouf, 13 born Jersey, boy
Signed Francis Lucas, Master
John Amy, Mate on 14 January 1873
Witnessed by W T Pugsley
Returned 13 January 1873
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