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Annie, Edward and their sons

Utah pioneer

Annie Horman Green (86), one of the two surviving Utah pioneers residing in Tooele County, died at the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City early Sunday morning after a brief illness.

She has been the mother of nine children, six of whom survive, and in addition has mothered two other families, her daughter’s two children and her son’s four children.

She has been a member of the Grantsville First Ward for years and was a Relief Society block teacher for an extended period of time, being an active LDS worker since childhood.

Annie de la Haye Green was born on the Island of Jersey at St Helier on 3 October 1866. Her father’s name was Charles Horman and her mother’s name was Margaret de La Haye. When her father married her mother, she was a widow with one daughter by the name of Margaret Ann Powell.

Annie Green was born and reared a member of the Latter-Day Saints Church, her father having joined the church in 1849. Her mother joined soon after. Her father and family left the island of Jersey for Utah in June 1868. They left Liverpool on 24 June in the sailing vessel Constitution with 457 British, Swiss and German Saints, with Harvey Cluff in charge. They arrived in New York on 5 August.

They continued their journey by rail to Benton. The freight train that their clothes, their trunks and their bedding were on was wrecked and they lost a trunk of clothes. They had to wait several days for their goods to reach them. They had to sleep in the clothes they had carried with them on the train for about 19 days. They left Benton on 24 August in Captain John Gillespie’s ox train of 54 wagons and about 500 immigrants.

When they were on the plains one wagon tipped over in a deep wash. Her grandmother, sister and herself were riding in the wagon. Her grandmother’s back was hurt badly so that she suffered the rest of her life from it.

Her sister was holding her and she fell so that she held the weight off her so that she was not so seriously hurt, but the fright was so bad that she lingered for two years and then died.

Salt Lake City

They arrived in Salt Lake City on 15 September 1868. They camped in the tithing yard where the Hotel Utah now stands. They then went to Tooele City to make their home.

She was baptised on 2 October 1874 by her father, and confirmed on 3 October, and on 4 October joined the Young Ladies Association. There was no Primary in those days. She worked in this organisation until she was married on 30 December 1886 to Edward Green.

In 1911 she was set apart as a teacher in the Relief Society. She worked in that capacity for many years and was still a member of that organisation. The family lived in Toole until 1889 and then moved to Grantsville, where they lived for 18 months. They then moved to Granger. In the spring of 1891 they moved back to Tooele.

In 1896 they moved to Grantsville again to make their home. They lived on a quarter section of land down by the Three Mile Creek for seven years. Her six living children are all sons, Edward and Parley Green of Grantsville; Clyde Green, West Jordan; George Green, Tooele; Charles Green, Salt Lake City; and Lawrence Green, Columbia, Texas.

She has 38 grandchildren and 32 great grand children. Her husband died on 7 December 1943.

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