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John Reginald Arthur

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John James Arthur

Origin of Surname

This name is derived from the given name Arthur and is a very early Jersey surname, appearing in the Short Inquisition of 1274. Clement and Collas are listed in the Jersey Chantry Certificate of 1550.

This name is the subject of some controversy regarding its origins. It is derived from the Celtic personal name "Arthur", but there is some doubt as to the etymology of the name. It is thought to be composed of "art", in Old Welsh "arth", meaning "bear", with the Old Welsh "gwr", meaning "hero".

According to the Surname Database, The name development includes: Robertus Arcturi (1197, Herefordshire); Adam Arthur (1246, Lancashire); Adam Arthur (1246, Lancashire); and Henry Artur (1327, Somersetshire). The Old Norse personal name "Arnthorr", derived from "arn", eagle, and "Thorr", the name of the god of thunder, has been absorbed into the Celtic name "Arthur", for centuries now associated with the historical 6th Century British leader who fought victorious battles against the Saxon invaders.

The modern forms of the name are Arthur, Arter, Artharg, Arthurs and Arthars, the last two being the patronymic forms, meaning "son of Arthur". The first record of the family name is that of Geoffrey Arthur, which was dated 1135, in "Records of Oseney Abbey", Oxfordshire, during the reign of King Henry 1.

Early Records

The family name is recorded in Jersey as early as 1227 spelt Artur and 1255 spelt Arthur.

  • Pierre Arthur was born in St Mary about 1542. He had a daughter Marie in about 1570. She married Francois Robert and they had two sons, Jean and Philippe.
  • Charles Arthur was born in about 1546 in St John and married Isabelle Le Marinel (1550-1593) d of Helier
  • Collette Arthur was born in Jersey about 1555 and married Jean Pipon, son of Thomas and Marie Dumaresq, in 1575. They had three sons, Jean, Thomas and Richard


  • Artur, 1227
  • Arthur, 1255
  • Arcur, 1309
  • Arter
  • Artharg
  • Arthurs
  • Arthars

Family records




Family trees

Note: The two trees below follow the same Arthur family descendancy in St John, but the first has now been shown to contain significant inaccuracies and the second has been expanded to include corrected descendancies from the first, which can now be ignored. It will be removed when permission has been obtained from its creator.


Family histories


Great War service

  • Charles Edward Arthur (1882- ) (St H), son of Adolphus John and Mary Ann, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Charles Elias Arthur (1882- ) (St H), son of Elias Charles and Ann Adelaide, Private RAMC
  • Edward Arthur, Colour Sgt, RMIJ
  • Elwyn Le Cain Arthur (St P), Private, Suffolk Regiment
  • Hedley Mortimer Arthur (1885- ) (St O), son of Adolphus John and Mary Ann, Captain RASC
  • Herbert Francis Arthur (1898- ) (St My), son of John Le Couteur and Mary Louisa, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • John Bree Arthur (Sc C), Private, Royal Field Artillery
  • John William Arthur (1896- ) (St Mark), son of Elias Charles and Annie, Corporal, Machine Gun Corps
  • Philip Arthur (1870- ), Mercantile Marine
  • Philip Nicholas Arthur (St J), Bombardier, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Walter Arthur (St H), Bombardier, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • Walter Laurens Arthur (1882- ) (St L), son of Walter and Mary Louisa,


Occupation records


Family wills


Burial records

Family album

A thank-you card sent by successful candidate Francois Arthur to one of his supporters, Charles Journeaux, after the 1845 election for Jurat. It lay hidden beneath the floor of a Jersey house for 174 years until discovered there in 2019

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Family properties

Family gravestones

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