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Assize Roll

From the 12th Century Assizes were held every three years in Jersey conducted by visiting Justices from Normandy. After the separation from Normandy in 1204 the practice continued, although not on such a regular basis. Some Assize Rolls recorded in Latin survive as proof
of the family names of islanders of that time. Other records to include family names are the Extentes, conducted by Commissioners on behalf of the King to ensure that the Crown Fiefs were being well maintained

Extente of 1274

Anley, Arthur, Benest, Blondel, Bras-de-Fer, Cabot, Chevalier, Corbel, de Carteret, De La Haye, De La Rue, De Quetteville, Falle, Gallichan, Gervaise, Hamon, Herault, Jean, Laffoley, Le Boutillier, Le Breton, Le Cannu, Le Geyt, Le Liard, Le Potier, Le Telleur, Lucas, Malet, Marett, Ozouf, Payn, Pinel, Robin, Sarre, Vautier

Assize Roll of 1309 [1]

The Assize Roll of 1309 recorded Crown Pleas heard by the circuit court of eyre that involved any infraction by an Islander against the Crown, including the failure to pay rents or taxes, as well as the resolution of certain civil and criminal disputes between Islanders.

The names on this list that are additional to the earlier Extente are:

Alexandre, Allain, Allez, Amy, Angot, Anquetil, Anthoine, Aubin, Baudains, Becquet, Bernard, Bertram, Bisson, Burnof, D'Auvergne, De Gruchy, De La Mare, De La Rocque, De Ste Croix, Du Four, Du Jardin, Dumaresq, Du Val, Fallu, Fauvel, Gallie, Gallienne, Gautier, Goddard, Godel, Godfray, Gosselin, Henri, Hubert, Huelin, Jeune, Jordain, Langlois, Larbalestier, Le Bas, Le Capelain, Le Clerc, Le Cocq, Le Conte, Le Cornu, Le Couteur, Le Cras, Le Feuvre, Le Gallais, Le Goupil, Le Grand, Le Gros, Le Marquand, Le Miere, Le Moigne, Le Neveu, Le Petit, Le Roux, Le Sauvage, Le Serf, Le Sueur, Le Vavasseur, Le Vesconte, Mahaud, Malzard, Martin, Mauger, Messervy, Morel, Mourant, Neel, Noel, Norman, Orange, Ozanne, Pallot, Perchard, Perrot, Picot, Piquet, Poingdestre, Renouf, Starq, Tourgis, Unfrey, Valpy, Vaudin, Viel.

Extente of 1331

Names not mentioned above:

Ahier, Anfrie, Bailhache, Balleine, Bichard, Billot, Botrel, Denize, Dupont, Dupré, Guerin, Jehan, Jouan, Le Blanc, Le Brun, Le Cronier, Le Dain, Le Hardy, Le Lievre, Le Maistre, Le Monnier, Le Rey, L’Hermite, Michel, Perrier, Pipon, Quesnel, Remon, Vincent.

Other documents from this era add the following names to the 152 families mentioned above as being present in Jersey in the 13th and 14th centuries

Bauche, Boielle, Gaudin, Grandin, Hacquoil, Hue, Le Filliastre, Machon, Pirouet

Extente of 1528

Names not mentioned above:

Averty, Binet, Blampied, Bree, Collas, Coutanche, de La Cour, Du Heaume, Esnouf, Filleul, Gibaut, Giffard, Guillaume, Guille, Labey, La Cloche, Laurens, Le Marinel, Le Moignan, Le Quesne, Le Riche, Le Rougetel, Le Sauteur, Luce, Michel, Quenault, Touzel

Notes and references

  1. Assizes Rolls (1309) - Société Jersiaise reprint available for free download at
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