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The new States Airport in 1937, and below, the grass surfaces used as the first landing strips, with St Peter's Barracks in the foreground. It can be seen in the picture below that the main landing strip in use when the airport opened was across the picture from left (north) to right (south) and right to left, depending on wind direction. As the entire surface was grass, the direction of landings and take-offs could be adjusted to cope with crosswinds. Today's single runway is aligned approximately due east and west. When the airport first opened, the land behind and to the left of the terminal building, on which the eastern end of the main runway would be built, and which is today all within the Airport boundary, was still in private ownership as cultivated fields


The builder's workforce ready to start work on the airport



Five Jersey Airways biplanes fly in formation over Jersey to mark the opening of the Airport
The first emergency vehicles




A busy apron
The new airport seen from the air in 1939
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