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Jersey houses:

Badier, St Lawrence


Badier, or Badier Farm, is a property close to the St Lawrence perquage and Avranches Manor which has elements suggesting that it could have been built in 1547, or earlier


Property name


Previous names

Badier Farm


Chemin des Montagnes, St Lawrence

Type of property

A well preserved historic farmstead of early origins, dating back in parts to the 15th century

Families associated with the property

  • Remon
  • Cabot
  • Weary: In 1901 farmer Adolphus Weary (1860- ) and his wife Elizabeth Ann, nee Syvret (1861- ) were living here with their sons Cyril (1892- ) and Harold (1894- )


16 IRM SGC 84 for Jacques Remon and Sara Gruchy, married in 1676 [1]

  • IRM on arch capstone. Jacques Remon
  • 1633 IRM inside a shield. Jacques Remon
  • 1634 AB RM First storey window lintel on the east wing - not interpreted
  • 1635 PH CV Modern lintel on the east wing

The first stone listed above was the only one visible when Old Jersey Houses was researched in the early 1960s, because the house walls were all rendered. But this was later removed and several other stones were uncovered. These confirm the Remon ownership, although the stone bearing AB RM has not been interpreted.

The absence of early Remon records has made it impossible so far to fit the early owners of Badier Farm into any family tree.

When the thatch was replaced by tiles the roof was raised and Nicolas Cabot's initials are on a stone above the arch, providing a link to this family.

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

An important, well preserved historic farmstead of early origins, dating back in parts to the 15th century and 1684, with interior and exterior features of note. Preserves the medieval arrangement of a principal house with chamber block at right-angles to it, formerly entirely free-standing, with a courtyard at the front, once surrounded by other ancillary buildings.

There are many notable historic features of interest including Jersey round arch doorways to the main house and chamber block, which also retains rare examples of ferramenta to the ground-floor store windows and a unique wooden transom and mullion window in the back gable of the first floor chamber; and an impressive double arch entrance to the courtyard.

John McCormack's Channel Island Houses dates the main phases to the 15th century and 1684. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. The 1960s- 70s extensions are in keeping with the original property.

Old Jersey Houses

Author Joan Stevens includes a brief mention of the property in the first volume of her work. In it she perpetuates the myth that the St Lawrence perquage, which passes south of Badier, was a sanctuary path to allow criminals to escape justice by making their way to the sea.

Notes and references

  1. Not Jean, as stated in Old Jersey Houses Vol 1 It seems that Jacques and Sara did not have any children, so probably the property passed down through a sibling or nephew of Jacques
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