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Beach huts, tents

and bathing machines


1880s bathing belle

Bathing huts line the slipway at West Park ...
... before being spread out along the high tide mark
Not Jersey, but this picture taken in Deauville, Normandy, shows how the bathing machines were moved as the tide went in and out
This delightful picture of a young lady in front of a row of bathing machines was taken in 1922. There is nothing specific to identify the photograph as having been taken in Jersey, but we are confident that it was because it comes from a family album of photographs from that year, most with obvious Jersey backgrounds. We believe that this image was taken either at West Park, or Greve d'Azette, where the largest numbers of bathing machines were to be found a century ago.

A photograph from 1922
A fine row of bathing huts at West Park
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