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Historic Jersey buildings

Champ Colin, St Saviour


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Property name

Champ Colin [1]

Other names

La Picoterie


Rue du Champ Colin, St Saviour

Type of property

19th century farmhouse, run as a guesthouse in 2020

Families associated with the property

The Peskins family were living here in 1941


  • 18 PPD♥ILS 06 - For Philippe Poingdestre and Jeanne [2] Le Sueur, who married in Grouville in 1802 [3]
  • 18 PPD♥♥ILS 15
  • 16 TM SAB 83 [4]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

19th century with earlier origins. Reportedly still thatched in 1911 when it was known as La Picoterie. Richmond map indicates that an older property may have stood in the northeast corner of field to the north. Associated farm buildings altered and converted to residential use.

Old Jersey Houses

Property called Champ Collin in Volume 2

"It is recorded that this house was still thatched in 1911 and that it used to be called La Picoterie. We may, however, be considering two houses, as the Richmond Map confirms the impression of the present owner that an older house stood in the north-east corner of the field to the north."

Notes and references

  1. Colin is spelt with one 'l', not Collin as shown, perhaps due to a typograpical error, in Old Jersey Houses, a mistake perpetuated in the Jersey Datestone Register
  2. Not Isobel as suggested in Old Jersey Houses
  3. Although we have confirmed this marriage from the Grouville register, it has not been possible to place Philippe and Jeanne in any of our family trees. Both were born in St Saviour and Philippe is believed to have been the son of Philippe, son of another Philippe
  4. This stone is recorded as 16 TMR SAB 83 in the HER entry, and also in the text of the Old Jersey Houses profile. An illustration in the book shows it as S TM. The Jersey Datestone Register records TM and includes a photograph on which it is not possible to read the inscription. Whatever the truth about the engraving, the attribution to Timothee Mourant and Susan Aubin, who married in 1681, seems likely
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