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Two Church officers in each parish appointed by the Ecclesiastical Assembly. The Rector has the right to nominate one not only "to keep the Church in repair, and to see that all things appertaining to the ministration of the Word and Sacraments be provided", but also during the 17th and 18th centuries "to search during Divine Service places suspected of gaming, taverns, and tippling-houses", and to present before the Ecclesiastical Court "all Papists, Heretics, and Schismatics, blasphemers, such as have recourse to wizards, incestuous persons, and drunkards' ' (Canons of 1623). The parochial poor relief used to be in the Churchwardens' hands, except in St Helier, where, since 1908, it has been administered by a special Committee, on which however the Churchwardens have a seat ex officio.

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