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Clement Hue

Physician Clement Hue (1779-1861) was the brother of Dean Corbet Hue. They were the sons of merchant Jean Hue of St Helier


Clement was educated at Abingdon Grammar School and Pembroke College, Oxford, obtaining his BA in 1801, MA in 1803 and MD in 1807.

He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1808 and was Physician to the Foundling Hospital from 1815 to 1837. He was also Physician and lecturer at St Bartholomew's from 1823 until his death, Registrar of the National Vaccine Establishment from 1824 to his death.

He was offered the president's chair of the College of Physicians, but declined it.

He married the daughter of Rowland Berkeley and they had two children, Emily Charlotte (1841- ) and John Berkeley (1851- )’

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