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The Cosy Corner in 1969
The Cock and Bottle first time round in 1861, photographed by Henry Mullins
The Cosy Corner, as the hostelry was known for many years
The Royal Square today, with the Cock and Bottle offering al fresco drinking and eating

One of the four oldest hostelries in the town of St Helier, the Cock and Bottle is again trading under its original name, although for many years it was known as the Cosy Corner.

Quite how the latter name orginated is unclear, because it is its neighbour, the Peirson, which nestles in the corner of the Royal Square. The original name is said to refer to the availability of draught and bottled ales, the former supplied from the 'cock' (tap).

Before it became the Cosy Corner, the establishment was know for a time as The Central, a reference to its position between the Peirson and the property on the other side where the offices of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce were situated for many years.

The establishment was known as the Hotel Central for a period in the 19th century
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