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Officiers du Constable

Constable's Officers are the lowest rank of the elected police officers, collectively known as the Honorary Police who represent a Vingtaine in a Parish (or a Cueillette in St Ouen). Constables Officers do not have to live within that Vingtaine (or Cueillette) but must live within the parish at the time of their election. If they move in the interim they are allowed to complete their term of office. They assist both the Centeniers and Vingteniers of the Parish with general policing matters.

Oath of Office

You swear and promise before God that well and faithfully you will fulfil the office of “Officier du Connétable” for the Parish of ………………………………… that you will assist the said Connétable, or Centeniers, whenever required to do so, and you will perform all other duties which devolve upon the said office.

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