Death of a Jersey-born fireman in Adelaide

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Funeral procession of fireman, Herbert Brand Hedger, 31 January 1914. Hedger, foreman of the Norwood Brigade, died in the Adelaide Hospital on Friday 30 January 1914 from injuries received fighting a fire at the furniture factory of R J Battery and Sons, on the corner of Young and Rundle Streets, Kent Town. On arrival of the reel at the scene, Hedger dismounted to sink the first standpipe on the corner. As he got the appliance in position, the roof of the premises collapsed and a huge flame shot across the road knocking Hedger off his feet. The heat from the blast was so intense it scorched the paint on the doors of houses opposite. Although unwell, Hedger continued to report to work for a couple of days before being hospitalised. Born in Jersey, Hedger had joined the force on 16 July 1905. He left a widow and three children. He was the youngest of four children of Henry John Brand Hedger (1820-1882), of Devonshire Place, St Helier, born in Lambeth, London, son of Henry, and Ann, nee Henton
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