Descendants of Abraham Snow

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Descendants of Abraham Snow


This tree was compiled in 2012 from online resources and the St Lawrence baptism register, and enlarged in 2016. It was reviewed in 2019. There is some confusion about which member(s) of the family emigrated to Newfoundland, and who stayed and who returned to Jersey.


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  • 1 Abraham Snow (England) m Elizabeth
    • 2 William Snow (1639- ) (England) m [2]Rachel Gibaut
      • 3 Rachel Snow (1654-1655) (St L)
      • 3 Thomas Snow (1657-1750) (St L) m (1683, St L) Marie Messervy
        • 4 Marie Snow (1685-1723)
        • 4 Marguerite Snow (1686-1686)
        • 4 Thomas Snow (1688- ) m (1712, St L) Jeanne Le Cras ( -1765)
          • 5 Jeanne Snow (1714- ) m (1731, St B) Jean Snow (St B)
          • 5 Thomas Snow (1716- )
          • 5 Marguerite Snow (1718-1794) m (1743) 1 Daniel Laverance; 2 (1756) Abraham Godel
          • 5 William Snow (1721-1725)
          • 5 Guillaume Snow (1726- )
          • 5 Anne Snow (1728-1800) m (1752) Richard Le Cras
          • 5 Edouard Snow (1730- )
          • 5 Jeanne Snow (1733- ) m (1757) Jean Mauger
          • 5 Elizabeth Snow (1734-1743)
          • 5 Marie Snow (1739-1763) m Jean Le Maistre
          • 5 Douce Snow (1740- )
          • 5 Abigail Snow (1742-1746)
        • 4 Elizabeth Snow (1698- )
      • 3 Edouard Snow (1660- ) (L)
      • 3 William Snow (1663- ) (L) [3]
      • 3 Jacques Snow (1666- ) (L)
      • 3 Rachel Snow (1667-1742) (L)
      • 3 Abigail Snow (1669-1697) (L) m Thomas Rondel
      • 3 Sara Snow (1672- ) (L)
      • 3 Abraham Snow (1675- ) (L)
      • 3 Jean Snow [4] (1678- ) m Jeanne (1695- )
        • 4 Abraham Snow ( -1730)
        • 4 Elizabeth Snow ( -1743)
        • 4 William Snow )
        • 4 Sara Snow (1737- ) (Newfoundland, bap Jersey)
        • 4 Jean Snow (Newfoundland) m 1 (1730) Elizabeth Enouf
          • 5 John Snow (1730- ) (Newfoundland)
            • 6 Blathwight Snow (1760-1835) (Newfoundland) m Ann (1762-1821)
              • 7 Edward Snow ( -1849)
              • 7 John Snow (1793-1862)
              • 7 Thomas Snow (1808-1845)
          • 5 Susanne Snow (1739- )
    • 2 Robert Snow (England) (1644-1667)
    • 2 Philip Snow (England)
    • 2 Rachel Snow ( -1668)

Notes and references

  1. There seems little doubt that Jean Snow (1678- ) at generation 3 emigrated to Newfoundland. This note is included in the Korey Snow family tree on Ancestry:
    "From the book From Snow to Snow By James G Snow. James Snow, Publisher, New York, New York 1984. He was born in St Aubin, England, a small harbor used by the NFL fishing fleet. There is no Record in Jersey of Jean Snow's marriage or death or baptisms of any of his children, which indicates that they took place in Newfoundland. It is most likely that Jean is also the John at Kelly's Island (1708 first Snow in NFL) He would have been 30 years of age when he was "Planted" there (became a permanent resident)"
    However, Although some members of the Snow family were born, or married or buried in St Brelade, Jean Snow (1678) was born in St Lawrence and the record of the baptism of Sara Snow in 1737 shows that she was the daughter of Jean Snow of Newfoundland and Jeanne Snow. The baptism may have been registered some years after her birth. There is a further note in the Korey Snow tree:
    "From the Book From "Snow To Snow" The Snow Family first claims land in Newfoundland in 1675 most likely William Snow who would have been 37 at the time."
    This suggests that William, who was born in England and had ten children baptised in Jersey, spent some time in Newfoundland after the birth of the eighth child in 1672. The baptisms of the last two children were baptised in St Lawrence in 1675 and 1678, but they could have been born in Newfoundland, although it is likely that if this were the case, it would have been noted in the register.
    "Also from Jersey in the 18th and 19th Centuries, by A C Saunders, a Capt Snow (first name unknown) of Newfoundland or Jersey took Price ships between 1744-1745 and a William Snow, a privateersman in 1704 from Jersey was taking ships between the channel Islands and Newfoundland. This William Snow is most likely his son, but it his hard to know this William would have been 65 years of age and his son would have been around 41 years of age at this time."
    JM - I have read the manuscript "From Snow to Snow" by James G Snow, 1974, which can be found in the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, reference number MG929.98. Much of the Jersey information is based on research conducted for James Snow by Marie Louise Backhurst of Jersey. As a result of her research she believed that the original migrants from Devonshire were two brothers, William and Robert, although it appears Robert left no descendants. She noted that William son of Jean, grandson of William and Rachel died in St Brelade in 1730 and was recorded as a "native of Newfoundland" - possibly there is additional information in the parish records. A point to consider in the above line of descent is that William (1639- ) would have been only 15 at the birth of his daughter Rachel. This seems young, although not impossible. The birthdates of William and his possible brother Robert were based on further research by a Mrs Long of Exeter, also engaged by James Snow, and were derived from records of a family that seemed the most likely of several possibilities in Devon. Mrs Long assumed, plausibly, that William and Robert were brothers, and she could find only one family of Snows in the right time period in Devon who had both a William and a Robert. As supporting evidence she noted William had a son Abraham. However if William and Robert were instead cousins, or some other relation, perhaps there are other possible families and birth dates that would fit. William's son Abraham was his fifth son - one might think it more likely he would name his first or second son after his father - and he did not name any sons after his possible brother Robert. There are records of Snows in Newfoundland claiming possession of land at Harbour Grace Newfoundland as early as 1675
  2. Marriage record not found
  3. Probably the William on a datestone at La Rocque, St Aubin's High Street who married Anne Hamon. A record of this marriage has not been found
  4. Emigrated to Newfoundland?
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