Descendants of Charles Le Geyt

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Descendants of Charles Le Geyt


Le Geyt dit Reide

This tree was originally researched with those of most other Le Geyt families by Guy Dixon, for a talk delivered on the 29th April 1996 to the Channel Islands Family History Society, entitled The Le Geyts of Jersey.

Reed, often spelt Reid, is an English surname. [1] The first bearer of this surname in Jersey may have been a soldier, settling in the Island at the close of the 15th century. [2]

The Reede family became extinct on the death of Adrian Reede in 1623, but survived in the form Le Geyt dit Reide. That family, for five generations, alternated between Le Geyt and Reide

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  • 1 Charles Reede (1510-1563)
    • 2 Collas Reede or Le Geyt dit Reide (1535-1563) [3] m Andrie Carrel ( -1599) [4] daughter of Gregoire
      • 3 Charles Le Geyt dit Resde (1560-1634) [5] m 1 Unknown Daudierne ( -by 1616), daughter of Jean; 2 Marie Pestel [6] daughter of Guille and Jeanne Carrel, daughter of Jasper
        • 4 Susanne Le Geyt (1597- )
        • 4 Benjamin Le Geyt dit Resde (1601-1636) [7] [8] m (1625, St B) Elisabeth Quenault (1603-1674)
          • 5 Andrie Le Geyt (1627- ) [9] m (1653, St B) Jean Welch
          • 5 Benjamin Le Geyt (1625?-1714) [10] m (1654, St B) Catherine Le Breton (1628-1707) [11]
            • 6 Benjamin Le Geyt (1655-1691) [12] m (1683, St B) Catherine Le Feuvre dit Filiastre (1657- )
              • 7 Benjamin Le Geyt (1683-1737) m (1712, St B) Sara Anley ( -1751)[13]
                • 8 Marie Le Geyt (1714-1783) m Philippe Benest [14]
                • 8 Benjamin Le Geyt (1716-1796) [15] m (1753, St B) Marie Le Maistre ( -1789)
                • 8 Susanne Le Geyt (1719-1722)
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1721-by 1793) m Elizabeth Benest ( -1793) [16]
                • 8 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1724- ) m (1753, St B) Jean Martel, son of Jean, son of Jeremie
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (1728-1729)
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1685- ) living 1751
              • 7 Pierre Le Geyt (1688- ) living 1752 [17] m unknown, living 1724
              • 7 Jeanne Le Geyt (1691-1700) [18]
            • 6 Philippe Le Geyt (1657- )
            • 6 Susanne Le Geyt (1659-1741) m (1683, St B) Pierre Valpy dit Janvrin, son of Adrien
            • 6 Rachel Le Geyt (1662- ) m (1700, St L) Philippe Benest
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1665-1737?) [19] m (1691, St B) Jeanne Jamet
              • 7 Catherine Le Geyt (11/1691-1774) m Charles Hamelin
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1696-by 1777) m (1719, St B) Marie du Feu [20] ( -1777) "veuve"
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1720-1798)
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (1721-1762) [21] m (1752, St B) Anne Clement ( -1787) [22] daughter of Pierre
                • 8 Pierre Le Geyt (1723-1723)
              • 7 Susanne Le Geyt (1698-1780) m (1740, St B) Philippe Winter [23]
              • 7 Pierre Le Geyt (1702- )
            • 6 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1667-1722?) m (1696, St J) Jean Hooper (Gr)
            • 6 Pierre Le Geyt (1669-1756) [24] m Elisabeth Valpy dit Janvrin, ( -1756) daughter of Pierre
              • 7 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1703- ) [25] m (1736, St P) Thomas Grandin
        • 4 André Le Geyt (1604- )
        • 4 Philippe Le Geyt (1607- )
        • 4 Andrie Le Geyt (1608- ) [26] m (1637, St P) Eleazar Alexandre
      • 3 Jeanne Resde (1560- ) [27]

Notes and references

  1. The authors of Jersey Place Names Volume 1, 449 write: " Reede: English surname, recorded [in Jersey] as Raide 1528, Resde 1668". Professor Cottle, in his Dictionary of Surnames says "Usually nick-name red (-faced, haired), Old English."
  2. Early mentions of the family include those Janequin Reide, living in 1528, who was Sergent of the Fief du Roi, St Brelade, 1535-44-, and Pierre Read of the same parish, living before 1528, when his forfeited land was held by Perin Le Marquand. The reason for the forfeiture was that he had been hung in 1517
  3. Collas Resde in 1607. To indicate that Collas was the son of Charles Reede, we have the choice of godfather for his eldest son in 1560: "Charles Reede" after whom he was named, and the fact that Charles was buried on the 30th March 1563 [New Calendar], with Collas being buried fifteen days later, on the 14th April. This suggests that both of the deceased men lived in the same household, as would then a father and his eldest son
  4. Andrie`s 1599 St Brelade burial reads: "Andrie, veuve de --Le Geyt dit Reide," showing that her husband Collas, was both Reide and Le Geyt. A transaction of her daughter Jeanne in 1607 [R.P.2/168, see below] in which Andrie is named as her mother and Collas as her father, names Jeanne`s elder brother Charles - Charles Resde
  5. R.P.4/308 (1615): (translated) "Charles Le Geyt son of Collas sold to Richard Alexandre 30 perches of land in St Brelade, Fief du Roy". Below this, on the same folio, is: "Charles Le Geyt of St Brelade sold to Jean Scelle land on the Fief du Roy, Vingtaine du Coin", the latter vingtaine being to the north and east of St Aubin`s Harbour. Finally, RP 4/318 (1616): "Charles Le Geyt dit Resde sold to Jean Le Goupil a field...abutting on the west the lane passing to the east of the house and land of the said Charles Le Geyt, in St Brelade "au Coing" [Vingtaine du Coin]. Charles Le Geyt was buried in 1634 as "Charles Le Reide"!
  6. RP 5/283 (1616) shows that the "daughter of Jean Daudierne" had died by then and names Charles' second wife: "Charles Le Geyt dit Resde et Marie Pestel sa femme." The deed mentions Marie`s father, Guille Pestel, her brother Philippe Pestel, and her mother, Jeanne Carrel, daughter of Jasper. The Carrels may have been relatives of Charles` mother
  7. Drowned. Benjamin`s mother was the daughter of Jean Daudierne, his father`s first wife: RP 8/364 (1630): "Benjamin Le Geyt dit Resde, fils Charles, sold to Helier de Carteret gent. 4 cabots of wheat rente [a charge upon the property of] Jacques Vibert, son of George, who accepted the debt in favour of the said Le Geyt dit Resde.. due to the said right of his late mother, daughter of Jean Daudierne"
  8. Burials, St Brelade Parish Register, 31 January 1636: "Richard Pipon, Aaron Pyton, Benjamin Le Geyt, Helier Pyton, fils Helier et Thomas Mauger de St Pierre" perished in a boat filled with vraic near Corbière. Benjamin`s name had been written as "Benjamin Reade." This, although scratched out, (though still visible), had been over-written "Le Geyt". His sister Susanne was christened Le Geyt, whereas his siblings Philippe and André were "Reed". Ambiguity was avoided by the name of their father being supplied, given in each case, as "Charles Reed".
  9. Andrie was baptised "Andrie, daughter of Benjamin Reade" (sic), with Charles Reade (her grandfather) as a godfather. She married as "Andrie Le Geyt"
  10. Benjamin`s was another missing baptism entry. Andrie, daughter of Benjamin Le Geyt alias Reede and Elizabeth Quenault gave her son, Jean Welch, the godparents "Benjamin Le Geyt and Catherine Le Breton", which links the last two with Andrie and her parents. Secondly, RP 11/101 (1637): "Elizabeth Quenault, widow of Benjamin Le Geyt and tutor of his children," proof that in this year, at least, Andrie had a sibling. Benjamin was clearly a man of some substance as he was chosen to be one of the Sermentés for the Extente of 1668
  11. 'Femme Benjamin, 1707'
  12. Benjamin drowned in 1691: "Were drowned in a boat belonging to Jeremie Grandin, Jacques Le Cras, Thomas Swrd [Seward], Benjamin Le Geyt, Daniel de Ste Croix, Edouard Anley and the said Jeremie Grandin, going to fish"
  13. Widow
  14. R.P.44/54 (1751) names Marie Le Geyt`s husband--Elizabeth was not yet married-- and shows her uncles Pierre and Jean were still living: "Philippe Le Geyt, Marie Le Geyt, wife of Philippe Benest, and Elizabeth Le Geyt, son and daughters of the late Benjamin Le Geyt and of the defunct Sara Anley, his wife, of one part and Benjamin Le Geyt, son and principal heir, their brother" sell land called La Pièce du Hurel and La Pièce de La Fosse à La Mortier (perhaps erroneously) described as being in the Vingtaine of Noirmont, in St Brelade. The purchaser is obliged to pay Me Jean Le Geyt 1 cabot of wheat rente per annum and Me Pierre Le Geyt another cabot of the same
  15. Benjamin, who died in 1796, was the last of the Le Geyts, formerly called Reide, of St Brelade. He and his wife had no issue
  16. Veuve Philippe Le Geyt
  17. RP 32/191 (1752): Pierre Le Geyt, son of Benjamin, sells to Rachel Le Marquand land called Les Hures in St Brelade, Fief de Noirmont. There is also reason to believe Pierre married and had a wife living in the previous year
  18. Jeanne Le Geyt "fille du feu Benjamin"
  19. A missing baptismal entry. Jean Le Geyt, on overwhelming godparent evidence, was clearly a brother of Benjamin, Pierre, Susanne, Rachel and Elizabeth
  20. Who had married firstly Jean Orange
  21. Captain Jean Le Geyt, Master Mariner. He and his wife died without issue. Jean wrote his own Will, dated 24 September 1761. His mother, Marie du Feu, was still living and was mentioned; as was his wife, Anne Clement, his sister, Jeanne Le Geyt and "sister, Marie Orange", who was a half-sister, from their mother's 1st marriage, to Jean Orange
  22. widow
  23. Master Mariner and privateer captain. J. Jean says he lived on the Bulwarks, at St Aubin: Jersey Sailing Ships (Phillimore, 1982), 164
  24. In the 1620 St Brelade Church Register, there is an unusual drawing of a two-masted sailing vessel, with long pennants curling for`ard, downwind from each mast-top. Just above the ship are the words, seemingly written a little later, "L`autre Pierre Le Geyt". The elegant ship had triggered the comparison so who were the two ill-matched Pierre Le Geyts? From the above study of St Brelade Le Geyts, only one Pierre is apparent (bp. 1669). Was there another, seeing there were regularly missing baptismal entries? Marion Turk, in The Quiet Adventurers in North America, (Detroit: Harlo, 1983), 350, has, noted by Noyes: "Le Geyt..Le Gate, Peter, from J[ersey]? merchant in Boston, aged 38 in 1667, married Elizabeth Seammon 1677, a daughter Elizabeth, a son Charles". Is this "L`autre Pierre Le Geyt"? With a son named Charles and apparently prospering in his seaborne trade, which fact would have been known in his place of origin, did the drawing represent him? If so, then the less fortunate Pierre, to make ends meet, might have had to toil all hours upon the land; the two men`s contrasting lives triggering the words penned on the register. The Will of Pierre Le Geyt, (1669-1756) dated the 16th April 1644, was perhaps made on the death of his daughter, who appears to have predeceased her father dying childless, as neither she nor any grandchildren are mentioned in this, the Will of a clearly warm and affectionate man. He begins with speaking of his "dear and well-loved wife, Elizabeth Valpy dit Janvrin" and leaves a bequest to his nephew Jean Le Geyt, son of Jean, with two further bequests, to his nephews [they were actually great-nephews] Benjamin and Philippe, both sons of Benjamin Le Geyt, one to his niece "Catherine, wife of Charles Hamelin" [spelt on marriage Hamling], and one to his niece Susanne, wife of Philippe Winter. Nominal provision was also made for all other nephews and nieces who would come forward, bearing the name Le Geyt. The Will was proved in 1756
  25. Godparents: Pierre Janvrin and Catherine Le Breton, grandfather and grandmother
  26. Although a missing baptismal entry, Andrie`s Christian name makes her almost certainly, with her surname, which was unusual to her parish, the grand-daughter of Andrie Carrel, thus placing her within this family
  27. R.P.2/168 (1607): "Jeanne, daughter of Collas Resde and André (sic) his wife, daughter of Gregoire Carrel sold, in the presence of Charles Resde, elder son and principal heir of the said Collas, to Thomas Alexandre, son of Thomas, a field in St Brelade on the Fief du Roy at La Moye, lying alongside the land of Guille Piton and Thomas Alexandre
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