Descendants of Charles Ramie

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Descendants of Charles Ramier

This tree for the Ramié family was added in 2018 by Guy Dixon

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  • 1 Charles François Ramié [1] ( -1860) [2] m (1825) Anne Le Brocq (1797-1876) d of William
    • 2 Eliza Anne Ramié (1827- ) m (1867) Mathieu Maurice Andrieu of Mozat, Puy de Dôme, France; Deputé, Corps Legislatif
    • 2 Charles William Ramié (1828-1888) States of Jersey Architect, 1870-73 [3] m (1860) Mary Elizabeth Mauger d of Philippe of Gorey, Shipping Agent, and of Jeanne Messervy
      • 3 Julia Mary Ramié (1863-1937) [4] m (1907) William Augustus Tilden KB, FRS [5]
      • 3 Marian Ramié (1865- ) unmarried
    • 2 Emily Ramié (1830-1906) m (1849, St P) John Partridge Tunstall (1853-1878) (Lon)[6]
      • 3 Emily Frances Tunstall (1850- ) m Louis Wilhelm Frederik Behrens of Bavaria
      • 3 Clara Tunstall (1852- )
      • 3 John Henry Tunstall (1853-1878) Rancher and Merchant, whose death triggered the Lincoln County War, USA [7]
      • 3 Elizabeth Frances Tunstall (1858-1860)
      • 3 Lilian Le Feuvre Tunstall (1868-1909) m (1896, Mx) Josiah Burdett, Solicitor
        • 4 Scott Langshaw Burdett (1896-1961) MC [8] m (1934, Eng) Frances Eileen Davis Workman, d of Robert, Barrister
        • 4 John Tunstall Burdett (1899- ) [9]
        • 4 Eleanor Green Burdett (1899-1970) MRCS, LRCP [10] m 1 (1928, Kensington) Wilfred George Porter (1902-1930) MRCS, LRCP; 2 (1947, Paddington) Peter J Monaghan
      • 3 Mabel Tunstall (1870- ) living 1901, unmarried
    • 2 Louisa Ramié (1833-1906) m (1852) Henry Coppinger Beeton ( -1908), Citizen and Fruiterer of London, Wholesale Merchant [11]
      • 3 Henry Ramié Beeton (1853-1934) Stockbroker m (1875, Hampstead) Elizabeth Mary Ann Dibley, d of George
        • 4 Alan Edmund Beeton (1880-1942) MC [12] m (1919, Eng) Geneste Penrose ( -1974) d of John, Vicar of West Ashton, Wiltshire
          • 5 Alan Berin Penrose Beeton (1920-1974) R.A.F. [13] m (1953, Henley) Margaret A. Smith (with issue)
        • 4 Mary Beeton
      • 3 Louisa Ramié Beeton (1856-1872)
      • 3 Florence Beeton (1858- ) living 1881
      • 3 Arthur Channing Beeton (1860-1882) [14]
    • 2 Julia Mary Josephine Ramié (1835- ) m (1861) William George Parr

Notes and references

  1. The Jersey genealogist, the Rev J A Messervy, in his genealogy of the Le Brocq family, records that he was a natif de Lyon, France
  2. He lived at Ronceville, Route du Fort, St Helier. C F Ramié was a Draper, Haberdasher and Shipowner; he was furthermore an extensive owner of property island-wide. Ramié, who started as a draper and haberdasher at 7, King Street, St Helier, afterwards joined his brother-in-law, William Le Brocq, as Le Brocq and Ramié in the same trade. In 1833, he bought out Le Brocq`s shipping interests, running these in his own name until 1848
  3. John Jean, in Jersey Sailing Ships 157, confused C.W. Ramié with William Ramier, the latter being a master mariner. Ramié, who was also apparently qualified as a Civil Engineer, was seriously affected by Jersey`s 1873 bank crashes, as a result of which, he settled in London
  4. Benefactress of La Société Jersiaise (as Lady Tilden)
  5. Professor of Chemistry, Royal College of Science, London; Dean and Emeritus. Vice-President, Royal Society
  6. latterly of Cheltenham, colonial merchant
  7. John Henry Tunstall migrated in 1872, to Victoria, British Columbia, to join "Turner, Beeton and Tunstall" a firm run by his uncle, Henry Coppinger Beeton, in which Tunstall`s father had shares. He later decided instead to settle in New Mexico, arriving in Lincoln, NM in 1876, where he became a rancher. The Lincoln community and outlying area had but the one trading firm and bank, which conducted all local cattle buying, as they had secured the Government contract to provide beef, some of which was for the local Indians. Cattle were therefore able to be bought by them at the lowest prices, at the expense of local ranchers. To the fury of those with a vested interest in the status quo, Tunstall, having come from a mercantile background, set up a rival business together with a friend, Alex McSween, a lawyer, backed by the renowned cattleman, John Chisum. Gunfighters were hired by both sides, either for defence or for threat and intimidation. Tunstall was murdered by gunfire on the 18th February 1878, which event triggered the Lincoln County War, in which `Billy the Kid` McCarty/Antrim, hired by Tunstall, rose to notoriety. His friend and colleague, McSween, was shot and killed five months later. Some two hundred fighting men were involved in the prolonged struggle. Many died between the above dates; others were killed afterwards. Strangely, only Billy McCarty, alias Antrim, was brought to trial and convicted, although friends enabled his escape
  8. Served in WW1 as a Lieutenant, Royal Sussex Regiment, being awarded the MC. Scott Langshaw Burdett later became H.B.M. Consul-General, Hong Kong
  9. Served in WW1 as a Lieutenant in his brother`s regiment. He was, at a later date, Commissioner of Prisons, Hong Kong
  10. House Surgeon, Soho Hospital for Women; House Surgeon, Queen`s Hospital for Children, Hackney. Widowed in 1930, she worked as a doctor in China 1930-33, and was later a General Practitioner
  11. Beeton`s son Arthur, a consumptive, was advised, for the sake of his health, to move from the United Kingdom to Canada. As a result the whole family settled in Victoria, British Columbia, where Beeton went into business, trading as "Turner, Beeton and Tunstall", the latter being his brother-in-law, a sleeping partner and shareholder. The move to Canada did not achieve its aim, as Arthur died there in 1882, after which the family returned to England
  12. Artist. Served in WW1 as a Captain, Royal Engineers, being awarded the MC
  13. Of the Royal Aeronautical Establishment, Farnborough, Test Pilot; previously Flight-Lieutenant, RAF. Retired to Hammond`s, Checkendon, Oxfordshire
  14. Died in Vancouver, Canada, of a long-standing illness
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