Descendants of Collas Pallot

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Descendants of Collas Pallot


Pallot of Ville ès Pallots, on the Fief de Grainville, St Saviour.

This tree was created by Guy Dixon in 2021. All ceremonies took place in St Saviour, unless otherwise stated

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  • 1 Collas Pallot (1480?-1556) (St S) [1]
    • 2 Thomas Pallot (1510?-1562)
      • 3 André Pallot (1540?-1598) [2] m Denize Dolbel ( -1595) [3] d of Thomas Dolbel (La Carrière, St S) and Catherine Hubert d of Simon (St S)
        • 4 Thomas Pallot (1570-1629) [4] m Marie Bechervaise [5] d of Raulin and Katherine Maret d of Raulin
          • 5 Marie Pallot (1604- )
          • 5 André Pallot (1606-1679) m (1641, St H) Elizabeth Chevalier
            • 6 Nicolas Pallot (1643-1681)
            • 6 Marie Pallot (1644-1682) m (1681) Michel Falle (St S)
            • 6 Josué Pallot (1652- )
            • 6 Jean Pallot (1654- )
          • 5 Elizabeth Pallot (1608- )
          • 5 Jean Pallot (1610-1611)
          • 5 Nicolas Pallot (1612- )
          • 5 Thomasse Pallot (1614-1617)
          • 5 Rachel Pallot (1616-1617)
        • 4 Philippe Pallot (1573-1645) [6] m (1605, St H) Elizabeth Godel
          • 5 Philippe Pallot (1606-1615)
          • 5 Thomas Pallot (1608-1608)
          • 5 Elizabeth Pallot ( -1609)
          • 5 Jean Pallot (1611-1611)
          • 5 Jean Pallot (1614-1614)
          • 5 Jean Pallot (1615-1616)
          • 5 Noé Pallot (1616- )
          • 5 Marie Pallot (1619- )
        • 4 Jean Pallot (1577-1661) [7] m (1613) Jeanne Faultrat ( -1670) [8] d of Helier, Revd. [9] and Marthe Baudouin d and h of Nicolas, Revd. [10]
          • 5 Josué Pallot (1615-1693) Revd. [11] m 1 (1646, Gr) Marguerite Aubin ( -1688) d of Jean; 2 (1692, Gr) Rachel Journeaux ( -1695) d of Nicolas, Advocate (St S)
            • 6 Josué Pallot (1647-1692) (Gr) [12] m (1670, Gr) Jeanne Durell
            • 6 Marguerite Pallot (1648- ) (Gr) m (1671) Edouard Millais [14]
            • 6 Jean Pallot (1649- ) (Gr) m (1685, Gr) Elizabeth Valpy
              • 7 Jean Pallot (1686- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Clement Pallot 1688- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Elizabeth Pallot (1696- ) (Gr)
            • 6 Helier Pallot (1651- ) [15] (St C)
            • 6 Daniel Pallot (1653- ) “Mr” (Gr) m Elizabeth Filleul
              • 7 Sara Pallot (1682- ) (Gr) m (1706, Gr) Richard Roissier, “Mr”
              • 7 Jeanne Pallot (1684- ) [16] (Gr)
              • 7 Josué Pallot (1687-1691) (Gr)
              • 7 Jean Pallot (1690-1691) (Gr)
              • 7 Marguerite Pallot (1692- ) (Gr)
            • 6 Philippe Pallot (1655- ) “Mr” (Gr) m (1702, Gr) Jeanne Roissier
            • 6 Francois Pallot (1658-1741) “Mr” (Gr) m Esther Falle
              • 7 Sara Pallot (1705- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Josué Pallot (1707- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Jeanne Pallot (1714- ) (Gr)
              • 7 Jean Pallot (1719- ) (Gr)
          • 5 Daniel Pallot (1617- ) [17] (St S) m Michelle Baudains d of Jehanet and Jeanne Lucette (Gsy) [18]
          • 5 Marthe Pallot [19] m Aaron Falle (St S)
          • 5 Jeanne Pallot (1622- ) (St S) m Pierre Poingdestre (Maufant) [20]
          • 5 Sara Pallot (1626- ) (St S) m Gilles Dorey (Tr)
        • 4 Marie Pallot (1580- ) [21] (St S) m (1608, St S) Abraham Mollet (St S)
      • 3 Child of Thomas Pallot ( -3/1544) (St S)
      • 3 Child of Thomas Pallot ( -3/1544) (St S)
      • 3 Perrotine Pallot (6/1544- ) [22] (St S)
      • 3 Perrotine Pallot (6/1544- ) twin [23]
      • 3 Jean Pallot (1547-1622) “le Viel” (1606) [24]
    • 2 Collas Pallot (1515?-1579) “le jeune” m Unknown
      • 3 Nicolas Pallot (1544- ) [25]
    • 2 Jean Pallot (1517?-1582) m Unknown ( -1566) [26]
      • 3 Marie Pallot (1540?- ) [27] m Jean Payn s of Richard
      • 3 Beneste Pallot (1542?- ) m (1562, St S) Robin Gilles
        • 4 Jean Gilles (1565-by 1619) (St H), no issue [28] m Marie Pallot [29]
      • 3 Katherine Pallot m Daniel Neel [30]
    • 2 Collette Pallot ( -1567) [31] m (1543, St S) Abraham Gallie s of Jean (St S)

Notes and references

  1. Le Viel. Thomas Le Maistre Miscellaneous Contracts, Vol 1, 275, (17 July 1601): “St Saviour, Vingtaine de L`Eglise: Item: [translated] All the tenements which previously belonged to Collas Pallot, "le Viel", now held by the heirs of André Pallot, Collas Mauger, in right of his wife, and other heirs of the said Collas”. Collas Pallot also owed the Crown an annual charge which, in money as opposed to wheat, was in 1528, 12 deniers: Extente 1528: “Collas Pallot, St Saviour: 12d”
  2. André Pallot had been, prior to his death in 1598, the principal heir of Collas Pallot, le Viel: Thomas Le Maistre, Vol. 1, op. cit.: “tenements of Collas Pallot, le Viel, now held by the heirs [sons and daughter, in this instance] of André Pallot, and...other heirs of the said Collas, le Viel.” A deed dated 1606, mentions where, in St Saviour, the heirs of Collas Pallot lived: R.P.2/117 [translated]: “27 January 1606, Thomas Pallot [generation 4], fils André, the said André having right, as much from Jean Masson [Machon] as Laurens Masson, brother of the said Jean, sold to Paul Dumaresq land, which the said André, father of the said Thomas, had bought from the above-mentioned Jean and Laurens Masson, concerning two pieces of land comprising 3 vergées, in two pieces, in St Saviour, Fief de Grainville, and situated in Les Landes Pallot, one containing 1 vergée, situated at La Vallette Pallot, to the south of the house and orchard of Jean Pallot, le Viel, [1547-1622], and the other piece comprising 2 vergées, situated at the Haute des Landes Pallot, to the south of the land belonging to the heirs of Jean Hubert...”. Stevens, Arthur and Stevens, in Jersey Place Names 1, 395, write: “La Ville ès Pallots et Pyneaulx, mentioned in 1617, compare “délaissance de rente faite par Dan. Neel et Catherine Pallot, sa femme,...aux pauvres...a ceux de La Ville ès Pallots et pyneaulx de cy au but de la Rue a la Dame, ca 1620”. It was in fact earlier. However, from the location of Les Landes Pallot (S.284 and S.310), this Ville ès Pallots will have been at the lower end of La Rue a la Dame, where it meets Highfield Lane, just after crossing a stream flowing from a now-unnamed vallette. The vallette will almost certainly have been the above mentioned Vallette Pallot, with the Pallots` land extending northward to Les Landes Pallot
  3. André`s wife is identified in the following: R.P. 3/60 (1608): “Jean Dolbel, eldest son of Thomas Dolbel, the said Thomas eldest son of Thomas Dolbel le Viel and of Katherine Hubert, his wife, daughter of Symon Hubert, of one part, and Thomas Pallot, eldest son of André Pallot and of Denyze, his wife, together with Katherine, widow of Hugh Yden and Jacquette, wife of Regnauld Horman, the said Denyze, Katherine and Jacquette, sisters, and daughters of the said Thomas Dolbel, le Viel, and of his said wife, of the other part...” [registering a partage or division of their late mother`s property]
  4. The Extente (1607), 129, lists those owing the Crown annually various sums. Thomas Pallot owed, in St Saviour, 10 sous “for the heir of Collas Pallot”, which, in fact, was himself
  5. Thomas Pallot`s wife is identified, as follows, in an action brought by their son, André: R.P.10/235 (1635): “André Pallot, son of the late Thomas Pallot and of Marie Bechervaise, his wife, daughter of the late Raulin Bechervaise, sold to Me Jacques Bandinel 4 cabots of wheat rente...”. R.P. 2/305 (1608) mentions the name of the mother of Marie Bechervaise, who was Katherine, daughter of Raulin Maret
  6. Philippe Pallot, his elder brother Thomas, and sister, Marie, wife of Abraham Mollet, “tous enfants d` André Pallot et de Denize, sa femme...” sold to Jean Pallot, their younger brother, their shares in their late mother`s inheritance; R.P. 3/77 (1610)
  7. Jean Pallot`s godfather: Edouard Hubert, the child`s maternal great-uncle. St Saviour-born Jean became Undermaster, College de la Ville (St Helier) in 1600 and then Regent of St Mannelier, 1601-1661, back in St Saviour. He was distinguished, in legal documents, from his uncle and namesake, Jean Pallot, by the latter being designated “le Viel” (1606). It is worth noting that Jean Pallot, when Regent of St Mannelier, had a mere 300 yards to walk to reach his brother Thomas`s home, that of their late parents, at La Ville Pallot
  8. Buried within St Saviour`s Church, 26/7/1670, “veuve Me Jean Pallot”
  9. Rector of St Martin, 1587-1628
  10. Formerly of Rouen, Normandy, then Rector of St Peter Port, Guernsey and lastly, Rector of St Mary, 1584-1599
  11. Rector of St Clement, 1643-1652, 1660-1672; Rector of Grouville, 1672-1693. Christened as Josué, son of Josué Pallot "Me d`Escholle"
  12. Captain of one of the Grouville companies, in the Jersey Militia. His godfather, after whom he was named, was Josué de Carteret
  13. Parents of Josué (1698), Douce Marguerite (1699) and Philippe Seward (1701), father of the celebrated privateer captain of the same name, 1757-1764. This family, in partnership with the St Brelade Pipons, were in the 18th century, Jersey merchants in Southampton: J. Jean, Jersey Sailing Ships (Chichester: Phillimore & Co., 1982), 59, 160
  14. Of Tapon, St Saviour. In J.B. Payne (ed.) An Armorial of Jersey, (1865), 289, the Millais family are shown as bearing Pallot arms, with quarterings, on the strength of Marguerite having been an heiress. However, her elder brother`s only daughter was his heiress, whilst two of her other brothers had descendants, who were their heirs
  15. Godfather: "Mr Jean Faultrat fils Jean, Juge delegué de Guernsey" The latter was Lieutenant-Bailiff of that Island, 1646-1661
  16. Godparents: Mr Josué Pallot, “Ministre” and Marguerite Pallot
  17. Godfather: Elie Le Tubelin, who was the husband of Sara Faultrat, sister of Jeanne (above)
  18. Widow of John de Saumarez
  19. No baptism. Placement on godparent evidence
  20. Jeanne was, in 1641, the godmother, with her brother, the minister Josué Pallot, as godfather, of Rachel, daughter of Aaron Falle and Marthe Pallot, his wife. There is, apparently, engraved at La Retraite—now Retreat Farm—Maufant: “PP” with an “I” below and between the two “P”s, within an oval space, above the date 1632. This is a little mysterious as Jeanne was then 10 years old. Perhaps the date was an error
  21. Godfather: Damien Poingdestre junior
  22. Godparents: Marie Lempriere, Germain Falle and Perrine Dauvergne
  23. Godparents: Perrotine Lempriere, Jean Vivian, Marguerite Le Caumais and Thomas Vernon. Naming twins identically will have been to ensure that one of the name survived
  24. Godparents: Guillaume and Julienne de Ste Croix, Blaize Le Cacheur and Collette Buesnel. Jean Pallot married, perhaps twice, but presented no children in baptism. In 1596, Jean was raising money by selling income derived from rentes, in this case, from 2 cabots of annual wheat rente, to Geoffrey Le Sueur. Further confirmation of Jean`s placement is to be found in the fact that this was reclaimed by André Pallot, on the basis that it was family income, which could be so reclaimed, under the old Jersey law of `retraite`, the purchaser being refunded by the claimant: Cour d`Heritage 6/240 (1596). From the fact that Jean Gilles and his wife (below) were, in 1604, his joint `tenants après decret`, we gather that Jean Pallot, at that date, was bankrupt
  25. Extente (1607): Nicolas Pallot “heir of Collas”
  26. Buried in St Saviour, as “la femme Jean Pallot.” The issue of this marriage must be regarded as only “likely”, the research having been curtailed by more pressing matters
  27. Likely placement. Marie Pallot, wife of Jean Payn fils Richard, bought from her nephew, Jean Gilles [R.P. 3/331 (1612)], half the inheritance of Jean Pallot, fils Thomas, the said Jean Gilles having been joint `tenant après decret` in 1604 of the said Jean Pallot: R.P. 2/56. Marie Pallot, wife of Jean Payn, fils Richard, is described in R.P.5/286 (1619) as being, by then, the heir, in collateral succession, of Jean Gilles, selling to Thomas Pallot land on the Fief de Grainville, St Saviour, between Thomas`s land and that of Katherine Pallot, for the price of 7 cabots of wheat, to be paid annually. As Thomas Pallot, described more precisely in 1623, below, as “Thomas Pallot, fils Andre”, was the head of the family, evidently holding adjoining land to these, the daughters and grandson of Jean Pallot (1517?-1582), the placement looks more certain
  28. See above
  29. Joint `tenant après decret`, with her husband, of Jean Pallot, fils Thomas: R.P.2/56
  30. R.P. 5/158 (1618). In R.P. 6/214 (1623), Katherine Pallot`s land, adjoining that of Thomas Pallot, is again mentioned: “Benjamin Gavey accepts and recognizes a debt owed by himself and his heirs, having right of Katherine Pallot, in favour of Thomas Pallot fils André by way of one cabot of wheat, to be paid annually. Katherine will have been a widow to be so acting, in her own name
  31. Possible placement
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